Will the 2023 Toyota Hilux be a GR Hilux?

It is not a secret that the 2023 Toyota Hilux is among many cars which people are waiting for in 2023. Many other manufacturers are already producing and releasing their 2023 cars for the small truck segment. Nevertheless, there is no update just yet regarding the legendary Hilux from Toyota. So, it is interesting to find all things about this car before it comes out in public. The Hilux itself is a long-running model from Toyota. It dates back to 1968 in terms of its first release.

Hilux GR Sport is Available in South Africa

In 2019, a special edition of Hilux, namely Hilux GR Sport, is available for purchase in South Africa. Unfortunately, there are no more updates on that car after that moment. The one thing that causes it to fade away was the introduction of the 2020 Hilux facelift. It scopes away the attention from all fans from around the world. It is possible that Toyota finally decided to refresh the GR Sport version of Hilux for the 2023 year model as one of the best 2023 small trucks.

2023 Toyota Hilux Price
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Expecting the Official Release of 2023 Hilux

The 2023 Toyota Hilux may still be the best-selling pickup truck outside America. Some things eventually prevent this car from being available in the official US car marketplace. It is straightforward to see that the 2023 year model is enough to be the best among others. Nevertheless, the comfort level of the car itself is no match for SUVs. Toyota’s attempts to bring an SUV comfort inside the cabin are not working out at all so far.

2023 Toyota Hilux For Sale
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Performance-wise, the currently running model is more than enough for many people. Yet, the base engine of 2.4-liter that runs up to 148 horsepower is not the best of this car. The better engine is the 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. It runs its peak power at 201 horsepower. Regarding the 2023 Toyota Hilux performance, it may not be too far away from that spec. It will be easy to hit 62mph from 0mph in just about ten seconds.

2023 Toyota Hilux Engine
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Talking about rumors and estimations is not comfortable. The latest update regarding the 2023 Toyota Hilux is some camouflaged prototypes in Thailand recently. Unfortunately, they may only be new models exclusively for the Thailand market instead of the global scope. Nevertheless, it remains interesting to see if Toyota finally decided to deliver some updates for the Hilux in 2023.