How to Set the Clock on the Toyota Prius

How to Set the Clock on the Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is marketed for people who care for the environment. Due to its eco-friendly nature, even casual car enthusiasts will find it a joy to drive with. Before starting your car’s engine, it’s important to set up the clock so that you’re always aware of your schedule. On this page, we’ll learn how to set the clock on your Toyota Prius in a detailed step-by-step guide so you can drive without worries.

How to set up the time in the instrument panel of your Toyota Prius ?

If your Toyota Prius model was built around 2001-2015, then it’s easier to set up the clock as these models have their own dedicated hour and minute clock buttons. The older Prius models have [H] and [M] to the left of the clock on the radio where you simply have to press the hours and minutes as required to adjust the time.

Toyota Prius models from 2016 up to the present meanwhile can use their [Left] and [Right] steering wheel buttons to toggle the selection on the dashboard to [Clock] on the Toyota Icon. Once the [Clock] icon is highlighted on the instrument panel, simply use the [Up] and [Down] arrow keys to select the Clock setting. Once the time is highlighted, change the time as you see fit.

How do you change the clock on a Toyota Prius Prime?

To change the clock on your Toyota Prius Prime, start with turning on the power of your vehicle. As with the latest Prius models, you’ll be using the navigation keys located on your steering wheel. Afterwards, scroll through your LCD screen and press the [Settings] icon that looks like a gear. Use the [Up] and [Down] keys until you find the [Clock] settings screen. Press the [Ok] button on your steering wheel controls to enter edit mode within the [Clock] settings.
When you’ve done all the things correctly, you should be in the clock’s edit mode. Simply use the buttons on your steering wheel controls to change the hours and minutes as you want. Once you’ve edited the time on your instrument panel, there is a [Back] button on your steering wheel that you’ll have to press to finalize the set-up.

What’s the importance of knowing how to set the clock settings?

Knowing the steps for changing the clock is a must due to several factors. One is definitely when you’re jumping between different time zones and it’s a must to adjust the time on your car’s clock to avoid a minor annoyance or confusion. Another, is if the battery got discharged and the settings on your Toyota Prius defaulted into its factory settings without resolving itself automatically. Setting the clock on your Toyota Prius is a small piece you must do to maintain your car so you’ll always have a comfortable driving experience.

What to do if the Clock settings won’t budge?

If the clock settings on your Toyota Prius did not change after doing all the steps, put the car into [Park] in a safe spot and repeat the process one more time. You may also refer to your Toyota vehicle owner’s manual as a guide to resolving the problem. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then it’s recommended to bring your vehicle to your nearest authorized dealer to have your car checked by a professional as soon as possible to check for any underlying issues.

After all, you can always pop in to your local Toyota dealer for help as there are trained technicians to help you look for other issues that might be causing the problem on your Prius.