Toyota Prius: Reset ‘Maintenance Required’ Light

Toyota Prius: Reset ‘Maintenance Required’ Light

When you’ve driven over 5,000 miles with your Toyota Prius the [Maintenance required] light should illuminate on your dash. This feature lets owners know that it’s time for an oil change. However, if you wish to turn the light yourself, read on to follow the steps.

How to reset the [Maintenance required] light on your Toyota Prius

The process to reset the [Maintenance required] light notification on your Prius depends on the year model your Prius was made so we’ll be listing them all out. The steps provided below are based on your Toyota vehicle owner’s manual so you can refer also refer to it as well if needed.

Toyota Prius [1997-2007]

For Toyota Prius models made around 1997-2007, start with putting the ignition to [On] without starting the engine. Afterwards, press the [Trip] button to toggle the display on your full odometer mileage. Once you’ve done this correctly, turn your vehicle off. Press and hold the [Trip] button and continue to hold it while turning the ignition [On] without starting your engine. Wait for the trip meter to reset to all zeros. The [Maintenance required] light should be gone if the reset was done correctly.

Toyota Prius [2008-2015]

For Toyota Prius 2008-2015 models meanwhile, start with switching the ignition to [On] without starting the engine. Next, press [Trip], or the [MPH] button to toggle the odometer display to [Trip A]. Afterwards, turn your Prius completely off and then press and hold the [Trip] or [MPH] button, whichever is present on your vehicle. Continue to hold the button while putting your ignition to the [On] position without starting the engine. Once the trip meter displays all zeros, then it’s safe to release the buttons as you’ve just reset the [Maintenance required] light.

Toyota Prius [2016-Present]

If you own the latest Toyota Prius from 2016 onwards, start with pressing the [Power] button once to activate the Hybrid System. Once the Hybrid System is active, use the [Left] and [Right] keys to find and select the [Gear] icon on your infotainment display. Once inside the Toyota Gear Icon, use the [Up] and [Down] arrows to look for [Vehicle Settings]. Press the [Toyota Select] button afterwards. Use your arrow keys to find the [Maintenance System] then press [Toyota Select] again. Inside, find the [Oil Maintenance] section then press [Toyota Select]. To finalize the resetting of the [Maintenance required] light, select [Yes] inside the [Oil Maintenance] panel to bring back the counter to zero.

When do you need to reset the maintenance required light?

When bringing your Prius to your local dealer for routine maintenance, their technicians normally reset the maintenance notification as part of the service. However, if there are instances where this is not the case, you can then refer to the steps provided to reset the light yourself. Once the maintenance required light has been reset, the counter will start from 0 and will light up again once you’ve reached 5,000 miles so always keep that in mind.