Chevy Silverado How to Set the Clock

Chevy Silverado How to Set the Clock

The Chevrolet Silverado, introduced in 1999, is one of the bestselling vehicles not just in Chevrolet’s lineup but in the US as well because of its heavy-duty capabilities. To date, it has sold over 12 million Silverado’s worldwide and is not slowing down any time soon. On this page, we’re going to help you set the clock on your Chevy Silverado so that you’ll always have a worry-free experience whenever you’re out on the road.

How to set the clock on your Chevy Silverado ?

There are several ways to set the clock on your Chevy Silverado. The steps on how to do it depend on your truck’s model and manufacturing year so we’ll cover all of the possible ways to do it to cover all Chevy Silverado owners.

[Option 1]:

To set the clock on your Chevy Silverado, start with turning the key to the [On] position. It’s important to NOT start the ignition to proceed with the correct sequence. Afterwards, look for a small button located just under the [Tune/DISPL] knob to adjust your truck’s time. You can change the hour and minutes by pressing the [HR] button as well as the [Min] button.

[Option 2]:

Like the first option, place the key on the [On] position without starting the engine. Look for a [Set] button located on the right sight of your display panel. Once done, simply press the [Scan/Seek] button to adjust the time. There should be a button for hours and minutes as well, so adjust the time accordingly.

[Option 3]:

This option is for older Chevy Silverados with the [Power] button located in the center of the dashboard. To start, proceed with turning the key to the [On] position without starting the ignition. Afterwards, press the [Power] button in the center of your dash. Press and hold the [Clock] button to access the clock settings on your instrument panel’s menu. Once you’re in, you should be able to see the hours, minutes, as well as the date. Simply press the buttons right under the display to change the time and date as you see fit.

[Option 4]:

This works for some of the latest Chevy Silverado models. Like the other options mentioned, start by putting the key on the [On] position or pressing the [Start] button without starting the truck’s engine. Look for the [Home] button on your instrument panel and go to [Settings]. Locate the [Time and Date] within settings and press [Set Time]. Afterwards, just use your [Up] and [Down] buttons to adjust the hour and minutes, as well as AM or PM to set day or night.

It’s possible to select between 12H or 24H formats depending on your preference. Once you’ve set up the date and time, press or touch the [Home] button again to finalize the set-up.

Are there other options to set the clock on your Chevy Silverado?

While setting up the clock manually is a must when you change the batteries of your Chevy Silverado, it’s possible to let the computer adjust by itself if you own a Silverado equipped with digital navigation screens. To do this, simply turn [On] or activate the [GPS Time] on your instrument panel to automatically adjust the time on your truck depending on your location. This feature is especially helpful for truck owners who frequently travel between different time zones as you don’t have to manually set the clock every time you cross another time zone.

If the steps to set the clock did not work, it’s recommended to repeat the process once more to determine if the clock will resolve the issue. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your local dealer to have a professional inspect your truck for other underlying conditions.