How to Locate the Hood Release on the Honda CR-V

How to Locate the Hood Release on the Honda CR-V

If you’re going to do any maintenance work on your Honda CR-V, the first thing you have to do is know how to release the latch on the hood of your vehicle. Knowing how to pop the hood is a must as this is where your engine is located along with other essentials such as the engine’s oil, coolant, wiper fluids, and other bells and whistles that make your vehicle run. As such, read on to know how to open the hood of your CR-V without difficulties.

Locating the Hood Release on your Honda CR-V

The hood release latch on your Honda CR-V is located inside the driver’s door on the bottom left side. It’s found under your Honda CR-V’s dash, against the left-hand inner kick panel. The hood release should be in the same location across all Honda CR-V models.

How do you pop open the hood on your Honda CR-V?

Now that you’ve found the hood release latch, popping the hood is really simple. First, set the parking brake and put your vehicle to [Park]. Simply pull the latch out to release the hood and you should hear an audible sound from outside your vehicle. This should indicate that the hood has popped open. Afterwards, simply exit your vehicle and look for a safety latch under the hood. The safety latch is usually placed in the middle. Once you’ve found the latch, press it upward to fully open the hood. There should be a hood rod to free your hands when inspecting your engine.

How do you open the hood of a Honda CR-V if the cable is broken or without the release?

If the hood release latch on your CR-V is broken, look through your vehicle’s front grille, just right above the Honda symbol. You will still be able to open the hood as long as the wire is intact and not cut. In it, the hood release cable connects to your hood release latch inside the vehicle. Pry the latch release lever with a flat-head screwdriver to the right into the grille until the hood unlocks. You can also try a coat hanger if you don’t have a thin screwdriver available.
While you can open the hood on your CR-V this way, it’s still recommended to have your hood release latch as well as the cables fixed as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

Why do you have to routinely check what’s under the hood of your Honda CR-V?

Before you can do any repair such as replacing the headlights, adding coolant, wiper fluid, checking the oil, or other essentials for the maintenance of your car, you should know how to pop open the hood for you to be able to correctly inspect your vehicle. Luckily, the hood of a Honda CR-V is really easy to open so you shouldn’t have any problems when performing a routine inspection especially when you’re going out on a long drive.

How do you remove the hood off a CR-V?

If you have to remove the hood off on your Honda CR-V due to a multitude of reasons, then you should start by lifting the hood slightly and removing the rod from the hole before closing it. Allow the hood on your vehicle to descend to at least a foot over the fender. Once done, you should be able to safely remove the hood off of your CR-V.

Can you open the trunk of a Honda CR-V from the inside?

If presented with this situation, it’s possible to open the trunk of your CR-V from the inside. To open your vehicle’s trunk from the inside, look for a release lever on the right corner of your trunk. This lever can be used to open the trunk from the inside of your CR-V in case of an emergency.