Lexus LX 2023, Affordable SUV You Have Been Waiting For

Although this year most industries appear to be on the verge of hopelessness, the presence of the Lexus LX 2023 seems to show a wind of optimism. Lexus which is the best type of Toyota is indeed famous for its LS Coupe and LS sedan. Meanwhile, the LX SUV type needs a lot of changes since the continuation of the third generation in 2007. What surprises are offered this time? Listen carefully, yes!

Surprises Brought To You By Lexus LX 2023

Lexus LX 2023 Spy Shots

This luxury car brand is selling well in America. Although it requires more crossovers with good quality to be able to compete with German production. On the other hand, the LX, which is now staying with 5.7 liters 270kW / 530Nm, will replace the new model with a twin-turbo V8.

According to a report from the Lexus dealers’ conference, there will also be a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 though a hybrid. Even so, the new LX will maturely venture into luxury competing with the Bentley Bentayga.

The new LX will be equipped with a ladder-frame version of Toyota’s TNGA platform where the four-wheel-drive system will only be released two years from now. The car that is predicted to be different from its cousin, the Toyota Land Cruiser, will be planned for release around the end of next year or more or less in October.

Hybrid with Great Interior

Lexus LX 2023 Redesign

We all know that the current LX is the only Lexus brand without a hybrid model. This is because the basis of the motor is from the Toyota Land Cruiser J200 with gasoline and diesel engine power. Going forward, the new LX will be equipped with a hybrid variant for the first time and will sit on the new TNGA platform.

The hybrid system to be used is a single 48V motor currently powered in a lightweight variant that can independently stop the wheels. On the other hand, there is news from a German supplier this year that a full hybrid system at 48 Volt can support the power to drive electricity up to 56 mph (90 kmph).

The system manufacturer company offers the superior side of a high-voltage full hybrid system with an uncomplicated design, inexpensive electrical structure, and small components. The German supplier explained that its motor power output was doubled thanks to its water-cooled electric motor.

For now, we can predict that this luxury but affordable car will be able to match the level of rivals namely the Range Rover 2023 and Cadillac Escalade.

Meanwhile, the interior is also no less interesting to highlight. Some interesting things that we can pay attention to are, as follows:

  • Although the LX doesn’t have a grand ballroom interior, it does have a large screen
  • All rows of seats can be occupied
  • Has a 12.3-inch wide infotainment screen which is located above the dashboard. But unfortunately, the controller, which resembles a joystick, is placed in the gear shift, so it disturbs the comfort and even more so, driving safety.
  • The cab is covered with soft leather accented with genuine metal
  • The touch of wood on the ornament is so shiny, handsome, and not excessive

The LX will come in two and three-line variants, which of course depend on our choice of comfort and needs when considering buying it. All options will be equipped with onboard navigation, and all-wheel drive, adaptive suspension, and various other driving conveniences. This luxury will be obtained with detailed estimated prices, including LX570 Two-Row $ 88,000 and LX570 Three-Row $ 93,000. This price is comparable to the features offered no less than other luxury German brands and it is worth remembering that the Lexus LX 2023 will be the first hybrid in the series.