2022 Honda Pilot – What to Know Before Buying

The upcoming launch of the 2022 Honda Pilot sparks the curiosity of SUV lovers. How the car will look like, the interior, engine, and more.

Rumors say that the new design of this Honda Pilot looks similar to the new Honda Ridgeline.

Find out everything you need to know about this Honda Pilot 2022 on the following page.

2020 Honda Pilot’s Interior and Exterior

Looking at the cabin of the Honda Pilot, you will find that it is spacious.

Not only that but the interior is also loaded with the latest connectivity options as well as things to improve convenience.

Furthermore, the infotainment system in the car is also updated. There will be a faster response and a more intuitive display that you can enjoy.

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2022 Honda Pilot Release Date
Source : Motor1.com

There will be an 8-seating capacity wrapped in premium leather.

The roomier interior of the car also offers a lengthier body, much for your comfort.

An 8-inch touchscreen interface along with a high-end sound system is available to activate the central grounds.

As for the body, Honda Pilot 2022 has amazing sporty curves. The edgy front and sleek sides of the car are things you can expect from a luxurious SUV.

Honda Pilot 2022 Features

2022 Honda Pilot will not only retain the previous trim levels but also most of its mechanicals.

However, the manufacturer of the Honda Pilot still enables customers to buy the car with customization options as well as for trim levels.

You can also purchase the AWD by paying about $20.000 for the additional cost of its lower trims.

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2022 Honda Pilot Redesign
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Being dubbed as the best 3-row SUV 2022, Honda Pilot also has a sturdy body and sleek design.

There will be driver aids and advanced safety systems to improve your driving experience in an SUV.

They will provide you with the utmost passenger protection and high-quality drive.

The safety tools included in the car’s package are a forward collision warning, a rear cross-traffic monitor, Honda’s LaneWatch, and more.

Honda Pilot 2022 Engine and Performance

2022 Honda Pilot Touring
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Speaking about the performance, the power of the Honda Pilot 2022 is unquestionable.

With a 3.5-Liter V6 engine and ZF 9-speed automatic transmission, the car can generate 280 horsepower.

The engine used also allows this latest series of Honda Pilot to have 262 pound-feet of torque output. Not only that but with the lengthier, lighter body, and lower stance, the car can increase its speed for 0 to 60 Mph sprint in around 5.7 seconds.

Additionally, this 2022 Honda Pilot can complete a ¼-mile just within 14.6 seconds.

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