2024 Toyota 4Runner – Toyota’s Effort to Bring Back Alive the Relic from the Past

4Runner is still one of the best releases by Toyota. However, if we compare it with the latest car, this car has obsolete specs and performance. The 4L V6 engine is not suitable for today’s market. Then, we heard that Toyota will release the new model for this series. This 2024 Toyota 4runner will start the new changes of this series into a better and most relatable one. Let’s see what this car could have.

2024 Toyota 4runner

2024 Toyota 4Runner Design

We are afraid that Toyota won’t change the design for this new model too much. Since its first release in 2009, we have never seen any change in its exterior design. Maybe seven or eight years ago, Toyota decided to give it a major update. After that, it didn’t change for the past eight years.

Source : Motorauthority.com

Based on the teaser photo, the new 4Runner will have a new visual package, which makes it one of the Best 2024 Cars you can’t miss out on. However, the style is still the same as the previous model. On a positive note, the old style has been proved to be the best style. It is rugged and capable for the SUV model. So, we think Toyota knew that and decide to keep it for functionality and the nostalgic value for its fans.

Specifications and Performance

Even though we said the V6 engine is a relic from the past, unfortunately, Toyota seems to see it as a perfect choice for the new 4Runner. So, it will use the same 4.0-liter V6 engine with 27- horsepower output and 278 lb-ft of torque. We are a bit disappointed. But, it seems that the new frame and design will also improve this car’s comfort level. And, this engine seems a perfect pair for that purpose.

Source : Conceptcarz.com

On the other hand, we also can see that Toyota try the engine that they know the best to create a hybrid model for this series. So, they might prepare this engine for that purpose. The trend of an environmentally-friendlier car will keep growing. Therefore, keeping the engine for releasing the hybrid model is a good choice to face the future market.

Price and Release Date

We expect that this car will arrive sometime at the end of 2023. Toyota will release it as a 2024 model for this series. As for its prices, the current 4Runner price starts from $37,305. So, we predict the new 2024 model price from around $40,000. So, are you ready to welcome the 2024 Toyota 4runner?