2024 FJ Cruiser – the New Electric SUV from Toyota

Toyota announced the 30-model electric vehicle plan sometimes ago. Their goal is to release 30 electric vehicle models before 2030. One of them is the 2024 FJ Cruiser. Many Toyota fans are waiting for the new Cruiser model for years. Now, their waiting is finally over. This car, which also is called the Compact Cruiser EV, will enter the market as one of the challengers in the fierce competition with other big names.

The Design of 2024 FJ Cruiser

Ford is indeed cut down the size of this car. However, we can still see the rugged concept from the prototype model. We also expect the return of the aluminum slide plate that was used on the 2000s FJ Cruiser. It seems that the trend for the 2024 electric car is the classic touch on the modern or futuristic style. From its design, we believe this model will become one of the Best 2024 Cars with a beautiful appearance.

2024 FJ Cruiser

Specification and Performance

While no information about its specification, we can see that Ford won’t stray too much from the latest FJ Cruiser model. The latest model uses a V6 engine 4.0-liter, so the 2024 model also has similar specifications. However, it comes with one exception. The 2024 model will be an electric vehicle.

Source : Japanbullet.com

We don’t know if Toyota will use a full-electric powertrain on this new car. But, we can see that they won’t do that and use the hybrid concept. 2024 will use a similar petrol engine with a slightly higher capacity. This engine will be paired with an electric powertrain with a higher battery capacity. Toyota also can use a dual-electric motor that produces more than 200 hp.

Source : Greencarreports.com

As for its drivetrain, this car will most likely use the AWD system. We expect and wish that Toyota also give it a different mode that we can change. So, this car will have higher versatility value and make it a perfect SUV to challenge the market in 2024.

Price and Release Date

The price of the new FJ Cruiser will be around $35,000 for the basic model. Toyota most likely will release another model with higher spec, which can put the price up to $45,000. As for the 2024 FJ Cruiser, we believe the release date will be the same as other 2024 models. It will be launched in 2023, so we can expect the official announcement in late 2023.

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