2024 RAM 1500 – the First Full-Electric Car of RAM Series

The electric or hybrid vehicle has become one of the hottest trends today. We believe this trend will last for years. For that reason, Stellantis has teased car enthusiasts with its new model of the RAM series. The new model is the 2024 RAM 1500. Now, let’s see what kind of car this model is. Will it become one of the strong competitors in the future truck market that will be dominated by the hybrid car?

2024 RAM 1500 Design

Unfortunately, we haven’t too much information about how it looks. The good thing is Stellantis has released the teaser image for this car that only shows a tiny part of this car. And, that was enough to give us insight on what kind of this car is. We can confidently say that this will be one of the Best 2024 Cars with the most satisfying design you can get.

2024 Ram 1500 Ev

From the teaser, we can see the front and rear lighting of this truck. The front lighting has double LED strips. It looks like the arrow or maybe lighting that point at the RAM logo in the middle. The rear side uses similar sharp and slim lighting. Even though the lighting gives it a sleek and elegant impression, we believe that it has a muscular and bulky exterior.

Specifications and Performance

The 2024 model for RAM 1500 will become the first electric pickup truck from this series based on the information from its manufacturer. Therefore, we believe it will use a powerful electric engine with a battery capacity starting from 159 kWh to 200 kWh and even more. It does match with the teaser image that has a quite big frame for an electric vehicle.

Source : Motorauthority.com

With that amount of battery, this truck will be able to run for up to 500 miles before you have to recharge it back. If we also see the trend from other manufacturers, we believe Stellantis also will add fast charging technology for its battery.

Source : Formacar.com

Price and Release Date

The estimation price for RAM 1500 is around $41,000 to $45,000. We get this number from the current RAM 1500 price, which is around $37,695. The new model will have better specs than the current model. As for the release date, Stellantis has not announced it yet. However, we believe it will be available at the end of 2023 or early 2024. That’s everything that you need to know about the 2024 RAM 1500.