2023 KIA Sportage Revealed – KIA’s New SUV Is A Game Changer

2023 KIA Sportage Revealed – KIA’s New SUV Is A Game Changer

The redesigned all-new 2023 KIA Sportage is the most revolutionary SUV to drive and to look stylish. Whether you drive it on and off the road, it feels satisfying.

Sportage has been KIA’s most legendary nameplate with a history that goes back to 1993. After exactly three decades, KIA Sportage comes up with new construction, a refreshed design, and all the best features of other KIA models, especially the Telluride and Sorento.

A New Face

Almost every new KIA Sportage model features a distinct frontage. The 2023 model is not an exception.

The white boomerang daytime running light and tiger-nose grille that become the standard across all trim levels give the crossover its characteristically pretty yet intimidating look.

Besides these two main cosmetic elements, some smaller details further enhance the overall look and give the all-new KIA Sportage a more unique character.

They include a small air curtain on the bumper area, a black horizontal flap at the bottom, and a smooth waterfall hood that balances out the SUV’s menacing front.

These cosmetic elements flow smoothly through all sides of the car. The black flap, for instance, extends to both sides of the car, giving a sporty accent to the fender opening above the tires.

There is also a black mud flap on the back. The flared-out fender on the rear part of the car’s sides flows smoothly to the back of the car, giving the needed physical accent to the LED lights on the back. Yes, the 2023 KIA Sportage gives you LED lights both at the front and at the rear.

The prevalent use of dark accents is visible. You can see dark mirror caps and wheels. Even the entire top section of the car is all dark. The overall look of the car creates a perfect balance between dark and light hues.

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Sporty and Spacious Dimension

Another notable aspect of the car’s design is its dimension. The height of the car accentuates its superiority on and off the road. Compared with the previous model, the chassis is 1.5 inches higher, giving better clearance to overcome rough terrains.

Looking at both sides of the car, you can easily notice the evident off-road-grade tires. The generous clearance between the tires and the fender gives the off-road tires more than sufficient space to wiggle vertically on difficult roads.

The overall body of the car is seven inches longer than that of its predecessor. This means that the new Sportage offers more spacious room for both passengers and their stuff. The cargo space is exceptionally roomy, a feature that off-roaders certainly love to have in their SUV.

As a compact SUV, the all-new 2023 KIA Sportage barely feels compact and cramped.

Perfect Contrast Under the Hood

Everything that you see outside, the harmony between dark and light hues and the balance between pretty and intimidating cosmetic elements, is the realization of the design philosophy that KIA calls Opposites United. KIA attempts to combine contrasting elements pleasantly and harmoniously.

This design philosophy manifests not only on the car’s exterior look. When you open the hood, you can see a power inverter that allows you to light up the engine compartment and see every component pleasurably.

The engine cover also looks sleek and smooth. However, underneath this cover, you can find the real monster that gives the compact SUV real power on both city roads and rougher terrains.

This compact SUV uses a naturally aspirated 2.5L inline-four engine that generates 187 horsepower that gives real power to the car without wasting too much fuel.

Reports state that the all-new KIA Sportage features improved fuel economy compared with its predecessors as well as other KIA models.

The most notable feature under the car’s hood lies in its transmission system.

Because the new Sportage is designed to perform excellently off the road, it doesn’t use the weak CVT. Instead, it uses the eight-speed conventional automatic transmission with a torque converter that provides the necessary responsiveness and durability on difficult surfaces.

The car’s all-wheel-drive system further enhances its capability on sticky muds and uneven terrains.

Simple and Modern Interior

2023 Sportage X-Pro

Looking inside the car, the door panels and dashboard simply look smooth and sleek. They don’t look luxurious or special. Even the door pocket might feel too small to hold a regular-size tumbler.

There is barely anything special about the car’s interior cosmetics. You might even consider it too simple, if not mediocre.

The most lovable parts of the car’s interior are its seating and sunroof. The seating material and its stitchwork make it the most ergonomic and comfortable seating you can have in a sports car.

The full panoramic sunroof is a great element that makes riding this car an exciting experience.

The interior space is another notable improvement that the all-new 2023 KIA Sportage offers. We have mentioned the car’s longer body compared with previous models.

What we haven’t mentioned is that the car is also half an inch taller and wider. This extra space might not be significant, but the way KIA designs its interior makes the car feel spacious and airy.

State-of-the-art Infotainment System

The functional parts of the interior, however, effectively overwhelm the mediocrity of its cosmetic elements.

Looking at the car’s infotainment section, you can see that you will get not one but two 12.3-inch LCD screens, one for the digital gauge cluster and the other for the infotainment system.

The infotainment touchscreen LCD panel is the coolest thing you can find inside the car. It supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you full control of all the needed driving assistance and entertainment features that the smart system offers.

If you prefer the traditional haptic control to the touchscreen-based control, there are buttons and dials that you can reach below the infotainment screen. Use them to control the air conditioner and other functions of the car.

Also, use the available USB and charging ports to make your car your best mobile entertainment hub.

Going downward, near the eight-speed shifter, you can find extra controls for the car’s seats, seat ventilation, wheel heating, and many more.

The new 2023 KIA Sportage provides you with a lot of fancy buttons that you will certainly love to smash.