A Guide to 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross

For those who are fans of Japanese cars produced by the Japanese, the release of the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross is worth the wait.

Targeting the small SUV segment, this latest version of Yaris Cross makes the SUV market competitive.

So, what is offered by this new Toyota Yaris Cross? Get to know more about the car here.

Exterior Design

This Cross 2023 is expected to follow the regular model of Toyota Yaris.

In this way, you will find out that the car is heavily built on the new platform of GA-B vehicles.

In other words, the Cross comes with the same wheelbase of 2,560 mm.

However, unlike the regular Yaris models, Cross comes with a longer hatchback.

In total, the hatchback of the car is 4.180 mm, making the vehicle 240 mm longer than its sibling.

Not only coming with a longer size, the car rides are also 30 mm higher than regular Yaris models.

2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Price
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As one of the best 2023 Hatchbacks in the market, the Cross is specially designed to be minimalistic and robust.

The front-end of the car comes with a smoother look on the hood and the bump.

That is why the exterior design of Cross looks more user-friendly if compared to its competitors.

Meanwhile, the side look of the vehicle is 100% crossover with the special cladding surrounding the wheels.

There is also a black roof that looks in contrast with the Brass Gold paint of the car, making it look more impressive.

Interior Design and Passenger Space

The 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross has a bigger body than its sibling.

As a result, there will be more spacious rooms available for passengers.

The manufacturer also promises that this new Yaris Cross will provide you with an excellent balance between the cargo and passenger space.

There is also a power back door added to the car.

2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Reviews
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To make it more comfortable, the 2023 Yaris Cross was also completed with an adjustable deck height.

The most interesting thing about the deck is that you can split it into two.

It means that you can use the deck to increase the trunk space or simply as an underfloor compartment.

As of the materials used for the interior design, there is no leak from the manufacturer about it.

However, verdicts say that it might be similar to the one used in regular Yaris models.

Engine and Performance

The 20230 Cross is expected to follow the lead of other Yaris models. It will use a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine.

The machine is supposed to produce 116 horsepower. The vehicle also comes with both an all-wheel drive and a front-wheel drive.

Meanwhile, the fuel consumption of the car is estimated as much as 120g/ km under WLTP.

2023 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs
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Safety Features

To meet a high-standard protection system, the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross is loaded with driver-assistance and safety features.

One of them is the Safety Sense features that will make it possible for you to keep in the loop with everything going on around you while driving.

Not only that but the automatic braking and steering of the car will also improve your safety.