Mitsubishi Outlander: Release Fuel Door

Mitsubishi Outlander: Release Fuel Door

The Mitsubishi Outlander, firstly introduced in Japan as a compact crossover SUV with the ability to transport passengers on adventure-packed journeys, is a great vehicle, especially for long drives. However, refueling can be cumbersome especially for new drivers, if you don’t know how to open the gas tank. This is why we’re here to guide you on locating your Mitsubishi Outlander’s fuel release lever so you can open the gas tank without difficulty.

How to release the fuel door on Mitsubishi Outlander

Opening the gas tank of your Mitsubishi Outlander is actually really easy, and shouldn’t pose any problems and only needs to be learned once. All you have to do is to locate the lever, which is on the left side of the driver’s floorboard. Once you have the fuel door release lever in hand, simply pull it towards you and you should hear an audible sound on the gas tank cover. This means that the tank is now open so you can insert the nozzle of a gas pump if you need to fuel up your vehicle.

Aside from the gas tank cover, your Mitsubishi Outlander is also equipped with a gas cap. The gas cap serves as an added layer of protection from vapor and fumes. To remove the gas cap to start the refueling process, simply twist the gas cap in a counterclockwise motion. Afterwards, twist it clockwise to remove the cap.

How does the fuel door release lever work?

The fuel door release lever of a Mitsubishi Outlander is a simple mechanism that protects your gas tank with a cover that opens when you pull the lever on the driver’s side of the floorboard. It’s typically only used in emergency situations such as when you need to get to the nearest fuel pump as soon as possible. It also prevents thieves from siphoning the gas when you’re parked while hiking or camping.

What are the factors to consider when refueling your Mitsubishi Outlander?

When topping-up gas on your Mitsubishi Outlander, ensure you discharge static electricity from your body before even touching the fuel pump as any static energy can cause sparks that ignite gas vapor. Simply touch any metal part of your vehicle or your belongings before removing the gas cap. You should complete the entire refueling process by yourself as letting someone else approach the gas tank, as well as the fuel pump, can cause the vapors to ignite if they have any static electricity on them.
If the gas cap is faulty, it’s recommended to only use genuine Mitsubishi parts as parts directly from the manufacturer follow strict safety standards to prevent unwanted incidents.

What’s the full tank capacity of the Mitsubishi Outlander?

According to your vehicle owner’s manual as well as on Mitsubishi’s website, the Outlander has a fuel tank capacity of 63 liters, or 16.6 gallons. The tank is located on the rear left side of the vehicle on the driver’s side of the seat. The Outlander usually gets 26 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway which is actually quite excellent for an SUV.

What are the other features of the Mitsubishi Outlander?

The Mitsubishi Outlander has been popular since its inception because of its great utility and a wide array of features for drivers. The Outlander includes 3-row seating, all-wheel drive, and a very robust engine. The compact crossover SUV is available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive as well, depending on your preference. The Outlander is also fitted with 7 airbags, active stability control, brake assist, anti-lock brakes, and an excellent infotainment system to have all your needs covered.