Subaru CarPlay Not Working: Solutions

Subaru CarPlay Not Working: Solutions

Apple CarPlay allows you to access some of the most crucial iPhone capabilities on the dashboard of your vehicle. It routes everything through the infotainment system in your car so you can use your iOS apps while you’re driving, hands-free. 

CarPlay simply provides a safer and simpler way to drive. That’s amazing until it stops functioning properly. You might not be able to hear anything while CarPlay is connected, or CarPlay apps might not open properly. To fix a broken CarPlay system, you may need to attempt a few different troubleshooting techniques. To test whether it fixes your issue and restarts CarPlay, try each of these instructions. Move on to the following one if not. You’ll probably have found a solution to whatever issue you may be facing before you get to the end of the list.

  1. Make sure CarPlay is compatible with your Subaru car and your region before you start. 

You won’t be able to connect it or use any of the features if CarPlay is not available in your area. Fortunately, Apple CarPlay is now offered with new Subaru vehicles. Apple CarPlay is a feature that is available with every new 2023 Subaru. If your Subaru car is of an older model, it helps to check the Subaru site to see if it supports Apple CarPlay.

  1. Enable CarPlay on your iPhone. 

First and foremost, confirm that your iPhone’s CarPlay settings are correct. The CarPlay connection may be disrupted by a few activities. For instance, you’ll need to re-enable CarPlay if you’ve disabled it previously. For that, connect your car to the app by going to Settings > General > CarPlay.

Look in the My Cars area for your Subaru vehicle. To begin setup and link the car with your phone if you can’t see it, press and hold the voice control button on the steering wheel of your vehicle. Make sure it isn’t deactivated under Screen Time if it has been correctly paired. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps to allow it again if you disabled it in Screen Time.

  1. Turn on Siri.
    Siri must be turned on for CarPlay to function. If it isn’t, check the following in Settings > Siri & Search:

Listen for “Hey Siri”

Press Side Button for Siri (iPhones with Face ID)

Press Home for Siri (on other iPhone models)

Allow Siri When Locked

The setting that most frequently causes users trouble because it isn’t constantly active is Allow Siri When Locked. 

  1. Ensure that CarPlay is on even when the phone is locked. 

CarPlay won’t operate if your phone’s screen is off if it isn’t enabled while locked. To fix this, navigate to Settings > General > CarPlay and choose your vehicle from the list of connected devices. Turn on Allow CarPlay While Locked after that.

  1. Check your USB cords if wireless connectivity isn’t working. 

Most models call for you to use a USB Lightning connector to connect your iPhone to the vehicle. Make sure none of the wires on the original iPhone USB cable, if you’re using one, are damaged. Use a different cable if what you have is an aftermarket one. Sometimes, simply replacing the cable can take care of any issues you may be having.

  1. Ensure you’re plugged into the right port if you’re not connecting wirelessly. 

Many contemporary automobiles have many USB ports, but not all of them will necessarily function to connect CarPlay to your vehicle. Look for the iOS or CarPlay symbol. Try each USB port on your infotainment system to see whether one of them is special to your CarPlay connection if you don’t see one of those.

  1. Ensure your phone is not in Airplane Mode.

Airplane Mode stops your phone from establishing any wireless connections. When using a wireless connection, confirm that Bluetooth is turned on and that the iPhone is connected to the vehicle. Additionally, you won’t be able to connect the gadget if your Bluetooth is turned off.

It can be a good idea to disconnect any unused Bluetooth connections while you’re connecting your Bluetooth. Although it’s rare (but still possible) that these outdated connections may affect your connection, it’s recommended to get rid of them just to be cautious.

  1. Restart your phone

If CarPlay isn’t functioning properly after making sure all the fundamental settings are set up correctly, consider restarting your iPhone. Any damaged data, crashed programs, and other digital trash can be flushed away using this method. It can fix a lot of strange problems and just takes a few minutes.

  1. Update your iPhone. 

You might not have the required drivers or software to complete the connection to CarPlay if your phone is out of date. Any problems you might be encountering could be fixed by updating. 

Make sure your iPhone and your automobile are running the most recent versions of their software by checking for the most recent upgrades. Make sure your iPhone is using the most recent version of iOS, and consult the owner’s manual for your car to learn how to check for firmware upgrades.

  1. Reconnect CarPlay

It is possible that your CarPlay connection became corrupted, so you can tell CarPlay to forget your car and reestablish the connection. You’ll need to pick the car you’re attempting to connect to by going to Settings > General > CarPlay. Next, choose Forget This Car. Restart both your car and your iPhone after that, and then try to re-establish the connection.

Click Available Cars under Settings > General > CarPlay if your vehicle is wirelessly capable then pick your vehicle to establish the connection. Reconnect the USB cord if you’re using a wired connection, and then adhere to any on-screen instructions that arise.

If all else fails, you could get in touch with Apple Support to see if they can help you with the problem.


How can I turn off Apple Music’s autoplay feature on CarPlay?

Open the current song in Apple Music, then press the Autoplay icon (the infinity sign) to deselect it. Autoplay will be disabled if Bluetooth is off as well.

Which vehicles support Apple CarPlay?

Apple lists vehicles that support CarPlay. It is supported by more than 600 models produced by numerous automobile manufacturers worldwide.