The 3 Main Features in The 2023 Subaru BRZ

Enjoy the 2023 Subaru BRZ as a pure sports car that is available for anyone. Although it is an exclusive car, this brand prioritizes affordability and lightweight agility.

You can view its unique design in its rear-drive-only coupe. The machine is more powerful than the previous model. Below is a brief overview of this vehicle.

Engine and Performance

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Becoming the best 2023 sport sedans, the BRZ provides a 2.4-liter flat-four-cylinder or also called a ‘boxer’ engine. The reason is this engine can generate 28 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque.

Its power is still on the rear wheels, whether from a six-speed manual or the automatic transmission. Recently, the coupe is in a lower center of gravity and distributed equally between the front and rear. It is perfectly combined with a stiffer structure.

You can see that the BRZ is more entertaining to drive. Enjoy five different settings in its traction and stability system. It allows the driver to control the system, including deactivating it.

The standard model offers a limited-slip rear differential. Meanwhile, the Premium model takes 17-inch wheels, and the Limited takes 18-inch wheels.


2023 Subaru BRZ Interior

Its interior offers you a driver-centric design, including its comfortable 2+2 seating configuration. Additionally, the 2023 Subaru BRZ cabin features a more modern aesthetic in improved technology.

There is a fully digital gauge cluster in 7.0-inch facing the driver. This feature enables the tachometer to be the main attraction.

In the front seat, you see a pair of heavily bolstered. It keeps the passengers secure during hard cornering. Its red accents make it stand out for the coupe intentions.

The low seating position gives excellent forward visibility, which is also supported by thin front roof pillars. Its cargo area is suitable for track days. If you fold the rear seats, it can carry up to four tires.

The BRZ is now having much better looking because of its proportions improvement, stance, muscularity. Moreover, its size remains the same as in the previous model.


Each model features you with an 8.0-inch touchscreen in the dashboard center. This tool functions as the hub for its infotainment system. You can run this display with both touch and physical knobs.

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These knobs have volume, tuning functions, and several hard buttons. Enjoy the infotainment in the 2023 Subaru BRZ with a standard system, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and access to SiriusXM satellite radio.