Few Things to Expect from the Unlikely 2023 Dodge Dakota

The 2023 Dodge Dakota is one of few car models that may not be happening after all. The end of 2023 is approaching, which means any 2023 year model car will have to be available soon enough. That kind of fact will come with a lot of information about the vehicle itself. Unfortunately, it is not going in that direction at all for the Dakota variant from Dodge. Some car websites even consider that the Dakota project for the 2023 year model is not there anymore. So, what to expect from it then?

It Follows the Ram 700

The ongoing rumors regarding the Dakota for 2023 come after the release of the 2023 Dodge Ram 700. The car itself is a unique variant to be called a subcompact pickup. It can be one of the best 2023 small trucks as well without the availability of the Dakota. In other words, the Ram 700 is a smaller version of other pickup trucks in the marketplace. It is possible that Dodge eventually builds the 2023 Dakota because even Ford delivers the latest release of Maverick to the market.

2023 Dodge Dakota Price
Source : Conceptcarz.com

Possible Specs and Features

It is a must to talk about the probable 2023 Dodge Dakota engine specs even without any official information on that matter. The engine will have to be at least a V6 at 3.2-liter displacement. That configuration can be enough to produce up to 270 horsepower of peak performance with 240 pounds/feet torque. Just in case Dodge wants to provide an affordable price, a 2.4-liter NA engine will be okay to sit under the hood of this vehicle. It could end the car in the segment of Ram 700.

2023 Dodge Dakota Specs
Source : Automobilesreview.com

More about the things to expect from the 2023 Dodge Dakota will be some safety and techy features. It is a must for a modern car these days to provide techy stuff inside and outside the cabin. Concerning the safety features, they may include live surveillance with high-resolution cameras at both front and rear sections of the automobile. Seamless connectivity will probably come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard features.

2023 Dodge Dakota Pickup
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Some other car models for the 2023 version are already available for early booking. They will most likely be available at the end of this year. Concerning the 2023 Dodge Dakota, the global pandemic may affect Dodge’s plan to build it after all. If it comes to the road for real, it may not be available until at least the mid of 2023.