Three Things You Should Know About the Upcoming 2023 Honda CR-V

Because Honda CR-V has been a fan-favorite small SUV for many people, the upcoming 2023 Honda CR-V can be worth waiting for. Honda CR-V never disappoints when it comes to delivering the best performance and practicality. Luckily for SUV lovers, it looks like Honda is trying to expand with its upcoming CR-V model.

You will be able to expect a couple of things for the upcoming Honda CR-V. And there are three essential things that you need to know about this upcoming vehicle. Here are the top three things that you need to know about the next-generation Honda CR-V.

2023 Honda CR-V Release Date
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Debut in 2023 or 2023

The first thing that you need to know is that the debut of the next-generation Honda CR-V is to be expected in 2023 or 2023. This vehicle will be the sixth generation of Honda CR-V that is equipped with a tweaked new design and many different proportions.

The upcoming Honda CR-V will have a longer hood and wheelbase with a stretched front and rear overhangs. You will also see a prominent trapezoidal grille that is equipped with a huge honeycomb meshing on the front end of the vehicle. This sleek design is one of the reasons why the new-generation CR-V might be one of the best 2023 small SUVs that you can expect in the market.

2023 Honda CR-V Redesign
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A Third-Row Option Becomes a Possibility

Next, you might expect a third-row option in one of this vehicle’s models. If you are a fan of the Honda CR-V, then you probably know that a three-row version of this vehicle has never been found in the United States. However, you can expect the 2023 Honda CR-V to have a third-row model that you can purchase.

2023 Honda CR-V Colors
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Aside from a third-row option, the upcoming Honda CR-V might also have a larger cabin area. This larger cabin area is a potential for third-row seats in the vehicle. However, the jury is still out on this information.

An Upgrade in the Interior

Lastly, you should also expect an upgrade in the interior of this vehicle. Some of these upgrades include a larger infotainment screen on the dashboard. You can also expect that this screen is a lot less chunky than the previous screen on the previous Honda CR-V models. That way, you will be able to enjoy a sleeker interior design that will make you feel comfortable. And those are the top three things that you need to know about the upcoming 2023 Honda CR-V.