New 2023 Ford Ranger Spy Shots and News Update

The spy pictures of the new 2023 Ford Ranger being tested has caused great stirs among all the Ford enthusiasts. The new generation pick-up has been sighted testing in the state of Michigan. This vehicle may very well be the proto-type of the 2023 Ford Ranger, but there are a lot of things in the air.

The Ford automobiles are one of the leading automobile firms in the global automobile industry. Their
automobiles are no doubt one of the most speculated vehicles too. Here are all the rumors, speculations and all the things we know so far about the much anticipated vehicle:

2023 Ford Ranger Looks and Design


2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrack
2023 Ford Ranger V6
2023 Ford Ranger Spy Shot

The spy and leaked pictures of the testing of the 2023 Ford Ranger shows a striking camouflage design.
The vehicle is spotted in a black and white camouflage all over its body. The spy pictures have made it
clear without a doubt that this vehicle would be quite similar to the new Ford F-150.

The pick-up has featured the vertical headlamps and along with it c-shaped daytime lights. Furthermore, the 2023 Ford Ranger has the Ford F-150 inspired front grills.

The details are fuzzy as the 2023 Ford Ranger is not fully visible but it probably has a double front grills and the signature Ford logo.

Despite all the similarities derived from the different Ford vehicles, the vehicle is more of an evolutionary type. The body of the vehicle is rumored to be more streamlined than usual.

Also, the featured tail light seems to be completely different than the previous Ford vehicles. The tail lights however, were not completely visible as they were covered by the camouflage.


There is not much reported about the interior of the new 2023 Ford Ranger. According to different
sources there are quite a big number of changes expected in the interior of the pick-up.

The unofficial sources have reported the 2023 Ford Ranger to get a modern-designed cabin utilizing quality materials.

The infotainment system is also reported to get an upgrade from the older SYNC 3 system to the latest
SYNC 4 infotainment system.


The Ford Ranger despite being quite a powerful vehicle is not up to the mark and can’t quite compete
with the other off-roaders. These off-road capabilities of the Ranger are expected to be fixed in the 2023

Ford Ranger. The 2023 Ford Ranger is rumored to get the 2.7 liter V-6 engine, this engine is also used in
the Ford Bronco. It is no surprise as the both of these vehicles share the same place of manufacture.
These features can provide the 2023 Ford Ranger with a power of 320. The previous engine provided it
with 270 horsepower.

The Ford Ranger can tow the loads as heavy as 7500 lb of weight and hence is fit to use as a workhorse.
The only drawback is that it doesn’t have off-road capabilities as good as the other competitors. But
these shortcomings are expected to be removed with the inclusion of the Ford Bronco engine in the

Till now nothing of importance is on the paper however, all the unofficial reports and rumors suggest
this vehicle to be better than the previous versions. If these rumors are to be believed, the 2023 Ford
Ranger is going to be a huge success. This vehicle is the one to look out for both for the customers and
the rivals.