2023 Lexus NX – The Promising Subcompact SUV Luxury

As one of the subcompact luxury SUV variants, it’s exciting to know that 2023 Lexus NX is back in the game! And as expected from Lexus, the new NX is definitely getting some updates and modernization efforts – and it’s a good thing that some improvements have been made.

The Expected Updates

Lexus definitely has a plan to redesign their subcompact SUV for the upcoming 2023 model. There hasn’t been any information about the engine options, but rumor has it that the new ride would be coming with several engine options, which means it has more than one. The exterior design will be new and refreshed, as well as the interior cabin. Expect the cabin to be packed with new technologies and improved materials, creating refresh look.

2023 Lexus NX Redesign
Source: Thedrive.com

The Exterior Design

Although the company hasn’t released the official image of the new ride, there have been some predictions about the ride from the heavily cloaked vehicle. Based on the spy images, the photos have streamline style when compared to the current one, especially with softer rake for the windshield and LED headlamps. Many enthusiasts have expected the NX to share similar powertrain and chassis with RAV4 (from Toyota), the mule shows off the NX to be similar to small crossover UX, which means that the ride would be wider and taller.

It’s possible that the F Sport trim would be looking good and stylish, along with a slight sportier look and front fascia with shovel-style design. It is claimed that the new ride would be stylish but not overly stylish. At least, the front side with its goofy-looking design would be gone, and replaced by a more adventurous offroad style. As a result, the design would be more substantial and mature.

Classy Interior Part

For the inside, the 2023 Lexus NX will be bigger than the current one. The tombstone-look alike display would be gone and replaced by the more integrated and bigger unit. Another good news is that it comes with touchscreen feature – to make operation easier. The vibe would remain modern and futuristic with packed technology but with easier manner.

2023 Lexus NX Interior
Source: Carmagazine.co.uk

Engine and Performance

There hasn’t any detailed info about the engine, but many have predicted that there will be two gas engines options as well as hybrid engine. The NX250 may likely come with four-cylinder 2.5 liter capacity while the NX350 will be coming with V6 3.5 liter engine. The NX350h will likely come with the hybrid engine, producing 302 hp of power and enough electricity to go through 42 miles of distance.

2023 Lexus NX Release Date
Source: Performancedrive.com.au

Price and Availability

The new NX would be a heavy competitor against Mercy GLA-class, Beemer X1, and Audi Q3. But what about the prices? The entry model would be NX250 with estimated price of $39,000. The higher trim would be the NX350 with $44,000 and the most premium line would be the NX350h with $49,000. The availability may be at the end of 2023, but the debut for 2023 Lexus NX may take place in a few weeks from now.