2023 Genesis G70 as Luxury Sporty Vehicle that Doesn’t Disappoint

The 2019 Genesis was titled the Year’s Motor Trend Car, so will the 2023 Genesis G70 follow suit? In only a couple of years, the G70 has undergone redesigned work, including the rear and front side. It’s true that 2023 is the refresh look, but it has updated sheetmetal that aligns the sporty sedan with the brand’s lineup premium variant.

The Genesis G70 is known as the luxury compact sporty ride with all premium features. However, when compared to the bigger G90 and G80 sedans or the midsize GV80 SUV, the G70 focuses on delivering sporty and smooth driving experience. And there would be more features and improvement made to the car.

2023 Genesis G70 Exterior Style and Design

2023 Genesis G70 Release Date
Source: CarandDriver.com

As it was mentioned before, the G70 has been sold for years, and for the 2023 Genesis G70, there would be heavy refreshed look on the surface. The old and generic rear side as well as the front side will be replaced with the new look, which is more sculpted. There would be new and little vents on every front side wheels that supports the side doors’ chamfer.

And the new sharper shoulder design and crease would look just great with the new taillights and headlights. The shoulder crease looks great running from the nose to the tail, right above the handles or the door. The changes may be subtle but it does create a significant effect to the overall design of the ride. As a result, the G70 looks leaner and longer although the hardpoints and body smell remain the same.

Interior Class

For the interior design, the G70 also experiences several changes. The G70 has been known as a handsome ride and the space is pretty user-friendly. However, some refreshments are made to make it look better. There would be a new display screen with 10.3 inches design with touchscreen technology. The climate control system still comes with their big knobs and the audio system will remain the same.

Engine and Power

2023 Genesis G70 Specs
Source: Motor1.com

Aside from the changes on the design and appearance, Genesis will be coming with the same attractive power. The ride is currently running on four-cylinder 2.0 liter capacity that is producing 252 hp of power. There is also the V6 twin-turbo engine with 3.3 liter capacity that produces 365 hp of power. For this line, there would be new exhaust active system that will deliver louder sound.

The engine arrangement above is set for the Korean auto market. For the international one, it is likely that the company would replace the 2.0 liter engine with the 2.5 liter one to produce 300 hp of power. It isn’t known whether the same plan or improvement would be applied to the V6 engine. Or is it possible that the company would replace their engines from GV80 line.

2023 Genesis G70 Build
Source: MotorTrend.com

In the meantime, we just have to wait for further release and official announcement from the company. There is no official information about the price range or availability – at least for now. Let’s hope for the best for the upcoming 2023 Genesis G70.