How 2023 Ford Maverick Would be the Modern Smaller Vehicle

What is happening to 2023 Ford Maverick? Ford doesn’t seem to go along with the concept that pickup trucks should be heavier, bigger, costlier, more capable, and better equipped. It seems that the company wants to disrupt the concept. Ford plans to release a compact truck – which has been rumored for a long time. There would be Ranger in the mid-size model – which would be likely coming with Maverick sign and badge.

The Expected Updates

As it was mentioned before, the 2023 Ford Maverick would be the compact (and smaller) pickup truck that was previously known as the Ranger. Not only it will come as a unibody construction, but it will share the components with the crossover, Bronco Sport. The Maverick should debut in 2023 second half – if everything goes as planned.

The Exterior Design

Ford ditches the boy-on-frame structure and turns to transverse-engine and unibody construction, like the one adopted by Bronco Escape and Sport. There have been some images of Maverick’s prototypes with four door arrangements. It shows that the Maverick would be a pickup crew-cab design, sharing similar look as Bronco Sport (but with a bed). The front end is somewhat different, but the overall construction would be tough and sporty. In fact, if you want to think of it, the overall relationship of two vehicles would be close to Honda Ridgeline and somewhat related to Pilot SUV.


Considering that Sport is smaller in design when compared to Pilot, it is pretty logical to think that Maverick may also have smaller footprints – especially when compared to the Ridgeline. The price tag is likely lower than Ranger, starting from around $26,000.

Engine and Performance

If Ford is committed to producing low-cost Maverick, they will figure out the right engine. The most inexpensive line of Escape, for a starter, comes with three-cylinder turbocharged 1.5 liter engine, producing 181 hp of power and front wheel driving system. The entry level of Bronco Sport has similar engine arrangement that comes with standard all wheel driving system. It seems that Maverick would be more suitable with turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity and all wheel driving system – considering that the ride is used for its ability and towing. It is likely that the ride would be coming with hybrid engine. And even with many enthusiasts want manual transmission, it’s not likely that Ford would be even thinking about having one.

2023 Ford Maverick Price

The Interior Cabin

The interior will likely similar to Bronco Sport and Escape. It means that there may be smart storage system under the seat, infotainment Sync 4 system, and many more. For now, the information about the details is still slim, so we should wait for more.

2023 Ford Maverick Interior

Price and Release Date

As it was mentioned before, it is likely that the new Maverick would be coming in the second half of this year (2023) although many claim that it is likely that it is available on the early 2023. And if everything goes as expected, the price of 2023 Ford Maverick would start off from around $26,000.