2022 Honda Accord – The Return of Quality Car

What can be expected from the new 2022 Honda Accord? Well, the auto market was once full of enthusiasts for the midsize sedan, but the trend isn’t so much anymore. But still, there are still some hardcore true fans of the sedan, and Accord has been one of the best in the industry. It is quite understandable and logical if some of the loyal fans are still putting their hopes on the sedan.

The Unique Signature

Honda Accord has been known as this quality vehicle that is able to combine features and great driving quality. A lot of people like the passenger-friendly interior cabin and the great control during driving. The spacious cabin will make you feel like you are in one of those top-notch more luxurious sedans. This is one of the reasons why the vehicle is loved so much.

Redesigned Exterior Part

2022 Honda Accord Refresh
2022 Honda Accord Refresh
2022 Honda Accord Redesign
2022 Honda Accord Redesign
2022 Honda Accord Exterior
2022 Honda Accord Exterior

For the higher trim, the model would be similar to those luxury (more expensive) sedans. If you are looking for something that combines luxury and affordability, the 2022 model would be the perfect pick.

It is going to get redesigned bumper – designed to create a lighter refreshed look. It is possible that there will be more changes on the exterior part although the company hasn’t said anything about other changes that they are going to perform.

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But considering that Accord has got good reputation these years, there is very slim possibility that Honda is going to make a lot of changes for the exterior part.

Interior Cabin: What Change?

The interior cabin has been one of the winning elements of Accord, so a lot of people are hoping that there won’t be any change for the 2022 Honda Accord model. In fact, they mostly hope that the interior cabin won’t change at all.

2022 Honda Accord Interior
2022 Honda Accord Interior

Expect to find horizontal lines, clean middle console, floating entertainment screen, and also button transmission inside. If there are changes, it is most likely about infotainment system (the improved ones) and small items – not the grandeur and big things.

Engine and Power

The same expectation applies to engine and power. Many expect that the powertrain doesn’t change. If everything remains the same, the standard powertrain would be the four cylinder turbocharged power with 1.5 liter capacity, delivering 192 hp of power with 192 Nm of torque.

2022 Honda Accord Engine
2022 Honda Accord Engine

It would be nice if there is another option of turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity, delivering 252 hp of power and 273 Nm of torque.

Hopefully, the new Accord with 1.5 liter capacity comes with CVT, while the 2.0 liter capacity comes with automatic 10-speed system. Many people also hope for the sedan to have manual six-speed transmissions.

Release Date and Price

Price is a sensitive matter in the auto world, so Honda hasn’t mentioned anything about it. But a lot of people guess that it may not be far off the current model with starting price of $26,000 up to higher trims up to $39,000.

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2022 Honda Accord Preview Video

We have summerize the preview on the new 2022 Accord within this video. Watch it if you don’t have time to read!

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