The Expected Improved Quality of 2022 Mercedes SL

It’s a good thing that Mercy if working on their upcoming 2022 Mercedes SL which is claimed to be better than the previous lines. It’s too bad that the performance and the quality of the ride haven’t been satisfying over the past few years.

People have expected so much, considering that the line brings the legacy of Gullwing 300L line. It would be a shame to see such an iconic ride to be plain and bland.

The new SL will be sharing platforms with Mercy AMG-GT sporty line, so expect a better and improved quality in terms of handling and performance – way better than 2018 model.

2022 Mercedes SL Motortrend Concept

Although there isn’t much detail about the new ride, a lot of people expect the delivery of luxurious cabin, newest technologies, powerful engines (with eight and six cylinders), and also folding roof fabric for the latest improvements.

Expectation for the 2022

The 2022 model would be all new, which means that Mercy may have to go through a major and drastic change. For the pricing factor, the setup tag may start from $95,000 up to $115,000 so that would be quite a high range.

2022 Mercedes SL Spy Shots
2022 Mercedes SL Spy Shots

If everything goes as planned, the SL lines would be offered in 2 options. The SL53 (starting price $95,000) would be coming with inline six turbocharged engine (from sedan E53). The higher trim, the SL63 (starting price $115,000) would be coming with V8 twin turbo engine (from GT).

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Engine and Performance

As it was mentioned before, the SL53 would still use the inline six turbocharged engine with 3.0 liter capacity delivering 429 hp of power. The stronger and higher line of SL63 would be coming with V8 twin turbo engine with 4.0 liter capacity delivering 577 hp of power.

2022 Mercedes SL Engine
2022 Mercedes SL Engine

Mercy is confident enough that their SL class would be able to compete against BMW 8 Series and Lexus LC convertible versions having the same V8 engines. The sporty line of Porsche 911 will also have the same V8 engine and Mercy is pretty sure that they can deal with it.

Redesigned Plans

2022 Mercedes SL Class
2022 Mercedes SL Class

It is highly likely that the new 2022 Mercedes SL would be smaller, but stronger. If the powertrain arrangement is real, then the ride would be punchier.

Little is known about the cabin, but considering that it is Mercy that we are talking about, then the cabin may be packed with genuine wood, metal trimmings, and leather – and also the latest technologies that the German companies are able to have.

2022 Mercedes SL Interior Concept
2022 Mercedes SL Interior Concept

The SL lines would still retain the convertible two door designs, but without the folding hardtop. Instead, they will be using a fabric roof in order to save cargo space and to save space. But then again, expansive trunk shouldn’t be expected – don’t hold your horses, right?

It seems that the company would include their new MBUX infotainment system along with the virtual assistant. There is also a digital (gauge) display, a big infotainment system with touchscreen feature, and also the touchpad within the center console.

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WiFi hotspot, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay should also be expected for this line. There would be more information about the 2022 Mercedes SL once we know more about it.

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