2022 Dodge Charger Maintaining V8 Powertrain

If the flying rumor has been confirmed (and if it is proven to be correct), the new 2022 Dodge Charger would be released as the next-gen type. And as the next-gen model, it should arrive with several changes and important upgrades that will affect performance and quality.

Although some people are still doubtful about it, some have confirmed that Dodge offers a wide body type version that should be available in the next line.

The Newest Release

2022 Dodge Charger Concept
2022 Dodge Charger Concept

You have to admit that Charger has been an interesting model with different trim levels, special edition quality, and other promising qualities – making Charger different from the others in a cool mode.

But then again, the signature characteristic is about the styles and the impressive V8 powertrain – delivering a punchy performance.

Redesigned Exterior

The new model will retain the four-door vehicle despite a complete redesigned project. The company is smart enough to maintain some things.

The Charger is basically a traditional model that has been going for 5 decades. And now it even comes as the seventh generation, so the company decides that they need to keep some elements to retain the traditional look. But with modern look, the car would be sleeker and smoother than before.

2022 Dodge Charger Interior
2022 Dodge Charger Interior

Besides the good aerodynamics (and the possibility that they may improve it), the new Charger may be coming with new wheels, headlights, and so much more. It is even possible that the ride will be coming with a new platform too, which is rumored to look like Alpha Rome Giulia.

Trim Options

Trims are related to powertrain as well as features. The new Charger will have 5 trim levels, starting with SXT as the base.

Above the SXT, there is GT level. If you want the more powerful lines, there is Scat Pack, followed by the top range SRT Hellcat. For Hellcat, the amenities are more premium and there are extra mechanical equipments.

Powertrain and Performance

As it was mentioned before, some engine options are related to specific trim. The base engine for 2022 Dodge Charger would be the V6 with 3.6 liter capacity, delivering 292 hp of power and 60 Nm of torque.

2022 Dodge Charger Engine
2022 Dodge Charger Engine

It comes with automatic 8-speed transmission as the standard –designed for GT and SXT trim levels. The V8 engine with 5.7 liter capacity, delivering 370 hp of power, is set for the R/T trim.

There is also the V8 engine with 6.4 liter capacity, delivering 485 hp of power and 475 Nm of torque for Scat Pack. And then, the V8 with 6.2 liter capacity for producing 707 hp of power and 650 Nm of torque is set for Charger Hellcat.

Release Date and Price

Rumor has it that the upcoming Charger should be ready to launch in the following year – in 2021. But if you want to be realistic, the release date should be on the last end quarter of the year 2021.

If it is correct, the five seater vehicle would be ready with a higher tag price. Many have predicted the price to start from $35,000, but it also means that the SRT Hellcat, the range-top model would reach $80,000.

For better confirmation, we should wait for further official confirmation about 2022 Dodge Charger.


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