The Evolution Of A Legend – The 2023 Ford Explorer

It’s always a bit of an iffy business looking into a crystal ball – especially when it comes to car design. However, when it comes to the 2023 Ford Explorer it seems almost certain that Ford is going to opt for an evolutionary approach to the new model of this iconic vehicle – rather than one that is revolutionary.

After all, why mess around with success? This is the best selling model of SUV ever – since its launch in 1991, 8 million of the cars have hot the streets.

The Explorer Evolutionary Change

2023 Ford Explorer Spy Shots
2023 Ford Explorer Spy Shots
2023 Ford Explorer Redesign
2023 Ford Explorer Redesign
2023 Ford Explorer XLT
2023 Ford Explorer XLT

The evolutionary changes to the new model are courtesy of some facelifts here and there, but they’re certainly not going to disturb loyal buyers. The grille will be slightly reworked, the light housings will look slightly different and the front overhang will offer those who want to venture off-road slightly more ground clearance.

From the side, the silhouette of the 2023 Ford Explorer gives a few more hints that you are dealing with something new – it’s a bit more sleek – but it still looks like it could have been on the road a couple of years – there’s nothing to cause a deep intake of breath as far as the styling is concerned.

Interior Look

The interior offers a little more. The seats are more contoured and the tiered dash design provides a fresh new look and something for the driver to get excited about. it’s also a bit more spacious thanks to a wheelbase that has been extended by 6.3-inches.

The one part of the Ford explorer experience that continues to shine with the new model is the cargo space. It’s a hefty 87.8 cubic feet. This is an SUV that will be as comfortable picking up sheets of plywood as it will be moving people.

There are some nice electronic touches like the intelligent and adaptive cruise control that recognizes traffic signs, the forward-collision warning system, the lane assist, and the 360-degree camera.

Engine and Powertrain

As far as powerplants go, the standard is now a 2.3-liter turbocharged four with 300 horses, supplying 310 pound-feet of torque is a more than capable replacement for the legacy 3.5-liter V6.

The 10-speed auto transmission which channels oomph to the rear wheels or to all the tires in the all-wheel drive is efficient snd smooth.

For those really need more power, the platinum model with its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 providing 365 horsepower will meet their every requirement. Expect a hybrid and an ST model to complete the lineup.

Price and Release Date

For those in search of the legendary Ford reliability, presence and performance the 2023 Ford explorer will deliver – just don’t expect anything groundbreaking when the first of the variants becomes available in summer 2023.