2022 Ford Expedition for Active Families on the Go

Active families can expect a lot from the upcoming 2022 Ford Expedition. This is the ride designed for a lot of people, considering that it can accommodate 8 people along with their cargo. As if it weren’t enough, the ride still has powerful towing ability.

The Pros and Cons

There are some good and bad about the new ride. On the pro side, the Expedition would be coming with spacious and roomy cabin so comfort would improve greatly. Besides the overall space layout, you will enjoy also generous cargo space.

2022 Ford Expedition Exterior
2022 Ford Expedition Exterior

The towing ability is also solid and quite amazing. Not to mention that the V6 turbo engine is another plus point – it gives you a lot of punch and boost of power.

On the cons side, on the other hand, the interior is dominated by plastics. Yes, the space is generous but the plastic-ky trimming can be a turn off. If you want to enjoy the upper trims, they are quite costly.

Basically, the Expedition isn’t bad. The comfortable and roomy space is quite nice. However, with a price tag of $55,000 for the entry line, you definitely expect more luxurious aspects, elements, and accents that what actually delivered by Expedition.

What’s New?

For the 2022 model, expect rear wheel driving system because it is offered as the standard. However, if you want the four wheel driving system, you can actually get one on ANY trim – but you may have to spend extra.

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2022 Ford Expedition Spy Shots
2022 Ford Expedition Spy Shots

According to many, the Expedition is quite comfy, but it lacks the luxurious experience – especially with such a high tag price. Many have expected a lot with such a high tag, so not finding them is quite a disappointment.

For the new 2022 Ford Expedition, expect bundles of high-end driver assistance technologies. This is especially give as another option for the XLT. For the pricing, the base XLT would be $55,000 while the Limited would be around $65,000. The King Ranch would be $75,000 while the Platinum would be $76,000

Powertrain, Performance, and Transmission

The standard engine would be V6 twin-turbocharged engine with 3.5 liter capacity, matched with auto 10 speed transmission with either all wheel or rear wheel driving system. The base XLT and Limited types will have 375 hp of power, but the Platinum will have 400 hp of power.

2022 Ford Expedition Engine
2022 Ford Expedition Engine

Although Ford states that their EcoBoost engine would be more efficient than the offered V8, it doesn’t really deliver. The rear wheel driving system comes with 17 mpg for the city and 24 mpg for the highway, while the all wheel driving system has 22 mpg for the highway.

Interior Cabin

Higher trims would affect the interior materials. Basically, the higher the trim is, the better the interior elements would be. Every trim in Expedition comes with third row seat with power folding ability. They also have 15 cup holders.

2022 Ford Expedition Interior Spy Shots
2022 Ford Expedition Interior Spy Shots

The Platinum would come with rear wood center console, multicontour seats on the front with massage functionality, premium leather covering the steering wheel, and leather accents for the door trim. Those are the basic information about the 2022 Ford Expedition.

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