Updating the Mid-Size 2022 Chevy Colorado

The Colorado has been known as a reliable mid-size truck with quite impressive performance, so it is only logical if there are some expected updates or refreshments for 2022 Chevy Colorado new model. Although the truck may not experience a complete redesigned work, it’s still acceptable to have some updates to refresh the look and the feel of the ride.

The Update Timelines

2022 Chevy Colorado Exterior
2022 Chevy Colorado Exterior

It is due that Colorado is getting some refreshment updates within its production cycle. In the 2019, Chevy has made some minor changes, including introducing ZR2 bison in the line. And then minor changes happened in 2020 while the 2021 is expected to have minor changes and also a tad light facelift.

The Colorado had experienced redesigned work in the 2015, where it came as the second generation. With 8 years of manufacturing cycle, the next redesigned work will take place in 2023 as the third generation. Some of the changes may include platform change. The current one is using GMT 31XX, while the third one would be using GM 31XX-2.

Expected Results

2022 Chevy Colorado Exterior

Some things would remain the same as the vehicle will stay loyal to its light duty truck segment. The layout will likely stay the same with front engine construction and either rear wheel or four wheel driving system.

General Overview

Chevrolet seems to maintain this line considering that mid-size truck’s popularity is increasing from year to year. For the upcoming model, they are offering the new Colorado in places where the ride has got positive outcome, such as Australia, North America, South Korea, and South America. It is even possible that they are trying some potential new markets.

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Chevy will deal with tough competitors, such as Ford Ranger, Ram Dakota, GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier, Jeep Gladiator, and Toyota Tacoma. Another reason why Chevrolet needs to be serious about this.

Powertrain and Performance

2022 Chevy Colorado Engine
2022 Chevy Colorado Engine

In general, Chevy would remain focus on the four cylinder powertrain. However, it doesn’t mean that six cylinder won’t be available. It’s always possible, depending on the situation. It is even possible that they are finally offering the six cylinder option.

2022 Chevy Colorado Interior
2022 Chevy Colorado Interior

For the meanwhile, the 2022 Chevy Colorado will be coming with gas V6 naturally aspirated engine with 3.6 liter capacity and also Duramax turbo diesel engine with 2.8 liter capacity. Chevy is highly likely considering their new four cylinder turbo charged engine to be incorporated for base lines – but they haven’t announced the details yet. And for now, they are planning on automatic 10 speed transmission for their new Colorado.

Price and Release Date

It is unknown for sure whether the new Colorado will launch. It’s possible that the company would introduce it in 2021, but it is also possible that the launch may take place at the early 2022. There hasn’t been any information about the price either. But many people expect the price range to be similar to the current one, with the beginning tag of around $20,000. If there is going to be an increase in price, hopefully, the increase for 2022 Chevy Colorado won’t be too much or too drastic.

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