The Seriously Needed Updates for 2023 Lincoln Navigator

So, what’s so special about the upcoming 2023 Lincoln Navigator? Well, Lincoln and its Navigator has lost the battle in the SUV sector, especially since Caddy and GMC dominate the sector with their Escalade and Yukon. But hopefully, things are about to change with the new model, since the company is planning on making serious changes and possibly redesigned project with this new ride.

The Current Updates

What’s interesting about the update is that Navigator has been spotted undergoing its testing period. The SUV was spotted cruising down the street in Dearborn, Michigan. Although it used a heavy camo, some of the silhouettes were visible – and the ride was definitely a refreshed design of the Navigator. The most obvious design was apparent from the front clips as well as the rear ones. And if you take a closer look, it was obvious that the grille has new height.

Further Notice about the Exterior Design

With the new grille, the headlights would be redesigned too. It seems that the headlights would wrap around further to the fenders. The camo hid the fascia quite well, but it is possible that Navigator was inspired from Lincoln Aviator.

2023 Lincoln Navigator Release Date

It is obvious that the overall body shape and structure are unchanged (maybe to retain some of the unique characteristics of the ride), but with slimmer (LED) headlights and bigger grille, Navigator may get the refreshed touch it needs. After all, it can create an imposing profile – which works well for Caddy and Beemer. On the front, bumpers are updated too. While on the back, the LED lights are also slimmer, but further info about the back side isn’t available for now.

Interior Cabin

The camo of the suspected 2023 Lincoln Navigator didn’t only cover the exterior, but also the interior part. After all, it was rather difficult to see what’s inside. However, considering that Navigator gets some updates on the exterior, it would be safe to expect the same on the interior area. Rumor has it that it is highly likely that Navigator will be designed to compete against the new Escalade, which means that Lincoln would try their hard to decorate the inside of Navigator as best as they can.

2023 Lincoln Navigator Interior

Engine and Performance

It is highly likely that there won’t be drastic change to the engine, which means that it will remain the same. It is a V6 turbo engine with 3.5 liter capacity, producing 450 bhp and also 510 Nm of torque. It should be coming with similar auto 10-speed transmission. It should be able to reach 60 mph within 5.8 seconds, which isn’t too bad at all. The rear wheel driving system would be standard, with towing ability to 8,700 lbs. Fuel economy system is 16 mpg for the city, 21 mpg for the highway, and 18 mpg combined.

2023 Lincoln Navigator Price

Price and Release Date

For the price, the tag is quite high – set for around $75,000. And although the company doesn’t say anything about the official release date, it is highly likely that the upcoming 2023 Lincoln Navigator would be coming after summer time of 2023.