2023 Honda Odyssey: Spy the Most Lovable Family Car

2023 Honda Odyssey: Spy the Most Lovable Family Car

The 2023 Honda Odyssey will be a family car you certainly want to have. The new sleek yet bold styling, the pretty exterior, and the modern and spacious interior give every family member the best experience on the road.

Check out what this minivan offers to you and find out why you should get it as your new family car.

A Sleek yet Bold Look of the 2023 Honda Odyssey

2023 Honda Odyssey by Hondafd.com

The 2023 Honda Odyssey’s overall appearance accentuates sleekness and smoothness. Although you can hardly see brawny muscles on the car’s body, this muted appearance is barely a weakness.

Conversely, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who will ride the car. The sleek design is also a necessity, given that the minivan uses a sliding door and not a hinged one.

Despite the car’s overall muted look, it looks bold on the fascia. The oversized metal grille paired with thin LED headlights evokes boldness that effectively evens the sleek body.

Like the 2023 model, the 2023 Honda Odyssey also features headlights with automatic on and off functionality.

You can also see the unique contemporary light design at the back of the car. The LED taillights that extend from the car’s rear to the back part of the car’s sides look gorgeous.

The car also offers functional corner lights and daylight running lights that help improve the car’s safety.

LED technology on all of the car’s lights means that the vehicle can provide sufficiently bright lighting without consuming too much energy.

Looking at the car’s sides, you can see a straight dark bar that extends over the car’s windows. Although this bar seems to be a purely decorative accent, it is pretty helpful to conceal the sliding door track.

When you open the sliding door, the front section of this dark bar aligns itself neatly with the rear area to maintain the car’s smooth and sleek look.

Looking downward, the new 2023 Honda Odyssey keeps the 19-inch alloy wheels of its predecessor. The difference is that the new wheels appear to have a dark instead of metallic look.

All in all, there is no significant change to see in terms of exterior design. The already excellent design of the 2023 model indeed doesn’t require too much revamping. Its beauty continues to be relevant even this year.

Cozy and Spacious Interior

As the best minivan for your entire family, the 2023 Honda Odyssey offers a spacious interior for both passengers and their stuff. The car can accommodate up to seven passengers.

When not many passengers are inside the car, the cargo space can be flexibly adjusted and stretched between 32.8 and 158 cubic feet. Flexible space management is one of the fascinating features that this minivan offers.

Space management is not the only flexible element of the car’s interior. You can easily adjust your seating using the ergonomic and convenient magic slide feature as a passenger.

Right at the center-front part of the 2nd-row seat, you can find a mechanism that allows you to move and adjust the seat, providing access to the third row and making it easy to adjust the seat’s position.

The smooth and plush seating material puts the finishing touches on the cozy and ergonomic feel of the car’s interior. This car is simply great outside and inside.

2023 Honda Odyssey Modern Infotainment System

A touchscreen panel on the dashboard gives you complete control of many of the car’s functionalities, many of which emphasize the car’s primary role as a family car that ensures the passengers’ comfort and excitement no matter where they are sitting.

Here are some examples. Firstly, using this control panel, you can control the car’s heating and air conditioning system for every minivan section.

You can control how cool or warm every row of the car seating should be, and you can even set an individual audio zone for every seating row.

If you want to listen to your favorite music while driving but don’t want to disturb your sleeping children at the back, you can set the audio zone on driver-only mode.

The cool thing about this touchscreen panel is that you can control it not only with a screen touch. Thanks to the built-in Cabintalk technology, you can also “speak” with your car and command it using your voice.

You can also use many buttons around the control panel if you prefer haptic control of the infotainment system.

In terms of wired and wireless connectivity, this minivan is quite generous. There are USB and charging ports that allow you to charge up to five compatible devices simultaneously.

Using the control panel, you can also set up a Wi-Fi hotspot so that all of your passengers can use their gadgets as if they are at home. There is also built-in Bluetooth connectivity that further enhances the versatility of the minivan’s infotainment system.

The car also has support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Tap on the relevant button on the touchscreen panel, and the interface will immediately change to your favorite smart car app.

By using either app, you can transfer the control of your car’s infotainment system from the touchscreen panel to your smartphone.

With a relevant app installed on the smartphone, your passengers can conveniently control the car’s air conditioner and other functionalities.

Powerful Engine Canges

Although only little official information is available about what’s under the hood, reports have suggested using a hybrid engine on the new 2023 Honda Odyssey.

Other reports, however, suggest that no electrification will occur and that the minivan will use 10-speed transmission and a 3.5L V6 engine capable of producing 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft torque.

Traditionally, Honda uses the front-wheel-drive system on most of its trim levels. However, we can also expect an all-wheel-drive system to be an option, especially given that many Honda Odyssey 2023 competitors offer it on at least one of their trim levels.