Royal Purple vs Mobil 1: Which is the Best Motor Oil for Your Car?

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1: Which is the Best Motor Oil for Your Car?

You’ve been driving your car for a while now and it’s time to change the oil. You’ve heard a lot about the qualities of Royal Purple vs Mobil 1. Which one should you choose? We break down the benefits of each oil so you can make an informed decision.

Royal Purple Oil Features

Royal Purple uses unique Synerlec Additive Technology that improves the oxidation resistance level. It means your engine will be protected from rust. Furthermore, this technology also reduces the engine part friction, which will enhance its combustion efficiency. Your engine horsepower output can increase 3 to 5% more with better combustion efficiency than other oils.

Royal Purple oil is also very cohesive. It sticks on your engine for a very long time protecting it continuously. It works well, especially during the cold start-up, which primarily damages the inside of the engine’s cylinder.

One of the best features of Royal Purple is its unique wear additives. They have patented this technology so that you won’t find it on other products.

This unique feature allows it to protect your engine from the damaging effect of fuel gas vapors. Plus, your engine will get fully protected from any dangerous products with performance filters.

Royal Purple oil prolongs the engine component lifespan even more. Therefore, you don’t have to maintain it too often. You save more money this way. Then, you can use your car without problems for much longer. If you could do that, you also can maintain your car value whenever you want to sell it later.

Last but not least, Royal Purple has received an API license. It shows that this motor oil provides a higher protection oil level for your car engine. Moreover, it also supports and improves engine performance.

Thanks to these fantastic features, Royal Purple has been trusted by commercial vehicle user racing teams and professional engine builders.

Mobil 1 Oil Features

As one of the leaders in the synthetic motor oils category, Mobil 1 has 40 years of experience and has become the first option for many car owners for engine oil. They made many unique products that have been proven their quality and effectiveness in improving engine performance and protecting its components.

One of the best features this brand has on its product is the SuperSyn protection. It is not only protecting the engine from extreme temperature, but it prevents any sludge and deposit from forming inside. Therefore, the lifespan of its protection can last longer. You even only need to change the engine oil once a year.

Mobil 1 uses a patented formula to form its engine oil product. It has a high-quality base oil formula. Then, this brand also adds the additive package into it, which improves its performance as synthetic oils.

Thanks to this unique formula, this oil can easily remove all the soot, sludge, and blockage inside the engine part.

Furthermore, this formula also keeps the material inside the engine oil staying the same for a very long time. It does not change even when your car is in extreme condition. That’s also why Mobil 1 oil is considered the best annual engine oil you can find on the market.

Performance-wise, you can also feel the difference after using Mobil 1 engine oil. One of the most noticeable signs is that it gives better frictional properties. That means your engine will use the fuel more efficiently. Therefore, you can use your car for a long distance with a similar fuel level. In short, your car will work much better with this oil.

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1: Which One is the Best Engine Oil for your Car’s Engine?

After we describe everything about Royal Purple and Mobil 1, now, we can try to compare both of them based on their features. First of all, let’s look at both oils’ unique formulas.

Royal Purple uses the Synerlec Additive Technology that provides protection and anti-rust property. Mobil 1, on the other hand, used the SuperSyn protection feature and patented formula that provides a fully-protection for the engine.

Based on those two formulas, the Royal Purple provides a better protection quality than Mobil 1. Both offer similar features, such as the oil can last longer, and it removes the blockage, also preventing the formation of a deposit. However, the anti-rust property of the Royal Purple is indeed more beneficial.

Oil change interval makes a big difference while comparing two oil brands. According to the official site, the Royal Purple recommends changing its oil every 15,000 miles. On the other hand, Mobil 1 has a longer oil change interval. They give recommendations for you to change the oil after 18,000 miles.

Even though they have a big difference in this part, we can say that Royal Purple and Mobil 1 oil change intervals are much better than the standard oil change from other products. The other products recommend you to change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Royal Purple and Mobil 1 have twice as many oil change intervals, which is better in value.

So, if we consider those two factors, the features and oil change interval, we can easily say that Royal Purple is much better than Mobil 1. Its anti-rust property is a powerful feature that your car needs.


Royal Purple has a shorter oil change interval that allows you to use your car year-round without constantly worrying that the next oil change is too close.

Mobil 1 Oil: Your engine will use the fuel more efficiently. Therefore, you can use your car for a long distance with a similar fuel level. In short, your car will work much better with this oil.

One thing you should remember is that features and other factors that you can find from Royal Purple and Mobil 1 oil are the results of standard usage. So, it is all depending on your driving style.

We believe you will get good performance and efficiency from any of those two brands while driving correctly.

As you can see, Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are both excellent synthetic motor oil options for your vehicle. We hope this article has helped you to make a decision. If it has, please share it with friends!