Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1: Which Offers the Best Protection for Your Car

Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1: Which Offers the Best Protection for Your Car

Choosing the engine oil you should use could be challenging for every car owner. It is not about options, you have many on the market. The problem stands in choosing the engine oil with the best specification and performance. Based on those two criteria, we end up with two of the best products comparison: Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1.

Pennzoil Platinum versus Mobil 1

They are considered the best choice on the engine oil market today. These two brands provide the highest quality engine oil every modern car needs.

Pennzoil Platinum is the product from Pennzoil, one of the oldest players in the engine oil market in the US. They have been around since 1913. In 2002, Shell Company acquired them, and Pennzoil Platinum was born.

Pennzoil Platinum promised complete engine protection. It has various features and qualities your car needs, which we will find more in the comparison part below. Moreover, this oil is made of natural gas, which is one of the best materials to improve your car engine.

How about Mobil 1? This company also has many experiences and a long history in this industry. They have been around for more than 40 years.

Mobil 1 is also known as the innovator of various synthetic oil products. In short, they are the pioneers that bring the synthetic oil trend and wake up the world about this oil’s advantages over conventional oil. It is indeed a strong contender against Pennzoil Platinum. Now, let’s see the comparison.


As we mentioned before, Pennzoil Platinum is made of natural gas. This material provides much better safety for the engine. It also improves the engine performance significantly.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 uses crude oil to create its pure synthetic oil. It is a good choice, but it is not as safe as natural gas. However, we see that Mobil 1 has the technology to improve this crude-oil-based product quality and safety.

Pennzoil Platinum vs Mobil 1
Pennzoil Platinum versus Mobil 1: Which is right for your car?


Pennzoil Platinum has a temperature range between -54.4 degrees to 435.2 degrees Fahrenheit. As for Mobil 1, it is -43.6 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see, both of them are equal in the temperature range part. Pennzoil is much better to use for cold weather or areas. On the other hand, if you live in a tropical country or hot temperature area, Mobil 1 is your best choice.


Compatibility is another essential factor that we use to compare both products. We think that the engine oil with better compatibility will give its user more freedom to use it on any car model. In this case, Pennzoil is the winner.

You can use Pennzoil Platinum on diesel and gasoline engines. It is more likely because of the natural gas material, making it safer to combine with those two fuel-type engines.

On the other hand, Mobile 1 is only suitable with the gasoline engine.

Engine and Oil Lifespan

Pennzoil Platinum provides the whole year’s protection for car engines. It said that this oil could add extra 550 miles per year. So, you can drive your car more before changing the engine oil.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 has an exact number of the oil change interval, 18,000 miles.

That is a very high number, which allows you to drive your car freely for a whole year. Moreover, with that high oil change interval, it can cover all driving habits and styles. Therefore, Mobil 1 is much better because of its versatility.

Main Oil Features

Pennzoil Platinum and Mobil 1 engine oil have similar performance and features. However, we notice that each focuses on a different aspect of the car engine treatment.

Pennzoil offers the quality to remove sludge or deposit formation in the engine because of frequent usage. By eliminating those obstacles and problems, your engine will perform much better.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 seems to focus on preventing the problem and cleaning the engine. It has a similar focus to Pennzoil. However, Mobil 1 is more to improve the condition of the engine component. Therefore, we also choose Mobil 1 in this category. You will need that clean engine component condition to get the best performance from your car.

Oil Production/Manufacturing Process

The natural gas of Pennzoil Platinum doesn’t have too many impurities on its core material. Therefore, the production process for Pennzoil is much lighter and shorter. Because of this more straightforward production method, the price of this oil is also much lower.

Mobil 1 uses crude oil as the base material for its engine oil product. Crude oil is known for its high impurities level. Therefore, the manufacturing process for engine oil from Mobil 1 is more complicated and more prolonged than Pennzoil. That also affects the price, which is more expensive.

Environmental Friendlier Level

Both of them can cause severe environmental damages and problems. However, if we have to compare both, Mobil 1 is the more dangerous substance if it is not disposed of properly. Therefore, we recommend you to use the trusted and reliable workshop or car service to help you change your car engine oil. They most likely know how to dispose of the old oil that you use correctly.


Which one is better engine oil? Based on the comparison part we have above, we can see that Mobil 1 is the best choice. In several categories, Pennzoil may have a better result. However, we see that Mobil 1 is the best choice from the overall perspective. It has better performance than Pennzoil. Of course, if you use a diesel engine vehicle, Pennzoil is your only option here.

Now, we hope you know which oil you should choose. And that’s the result of our comparison review between Pennzoil platinum vs. Mobil 1.