2023 Tesla Model X Plaid Trim for Those Who Needs Speed

Following the official release of the Model X for 2023, the 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid is also available.

So far, there will only be two trim levels available for this car in 2023. It continues the 2023 year model of Model X that eliminates the famous Performance trim.

Nevertheless, this Plaid type of this electric car may well be enough for fans and enthusiasts out there. It is best to look into the things that this car has to offer.

One thing is for sure it is more expensive and more powerful than the base model.

The Performance Section

This variant of the Model X for 2023 can be one of the candidates of the best Tesla to buy in 2023.

Nevertheless, it will always be about the personal preferences of the car itself.

Before the release of this Plaid variant, there was a plan to create the so-called Plaid+ trim.

Unfortunately, that plan is no more because Elon Musk considers this Plaid type is already great.

It is reasonable because this variant comes with a set of three electric motors with 1,020 horsepower.

2023 Tesla Model X Review
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The 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid will hit the 60mph mark from 0mph in only 2.5 seconds.

On that note, the top speed to expect from this electric car reaches 163 mph.

That is way more powerful than the base model or the so-called Long Range variant.

It has only 155 mph of top speed. Therefore, it reaches 60mph from 0mph in about 3.8 seconds.

With that kind of performance, there is no need to produce a higher and more powerful version labeled as the Plaid+ variant.

2023 Tesla Model X Configurations
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Driving Distance, Pricing, and Competitors

The Tesla Model X Plaid 2023 comes to demolish its competitors in the market. Rivian R1S, Lucid Gravity, and Audi E-Tron are there to rival this vehicle in the marketplace.

Of course, it has many things to do to win the competition. One of them is the distance that the car will travel under its power level.

The Long Range will drive up to 360 miles in its slower performance.

On the other hand, this Plaid variant will only reach 340 miles due to its staggering power output.

2023 Tesla Model X Plaid
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The Plaid trim of the Model X is the one that comes at a higher price than the base model.

It costs $121,190 to acquire this electric SUV from Tesla.

Nevertheless, the 2023 Tesla Model X Plaid is offering many top-notch aspects under the price tag.