2023 Tesla Model X Performance May Not be Available

Approaching the end of 2023, it looks like there will not be a 2023 Tesla Model X Performance.

The Performance variant from Tesla has its last appearance in 2020.

One of the defining factors to that can be the global pandemic that hits everything globally.

Nevertheless, it is fair to say that fans and enthusiasts are expecting it.

This type has been hitting the market decisively with some additional features and performance enhancements.

Unfortunately, there is no official info about it so far.

A Staggering Performance Level

If the performance trim of the Tesla Model X 2023 comes out, it has to be offering more power than before.

The peak power of this variant for the 2020 model needs to be in the standard Long Range model for 2023. That is a change that many people would love to see.

The best feature to expect from this faster variant is the 2.7 seconds to reach 60mph from 0mph.

That is a lot better than the standard or base model, with 4.4 seconds to hit 60mph.

2023 Tesla Model X Price
Source : Electricmitten.com

Well, Tesla may put that kind of performance in the so-called Plaid trim of the Model X.

The reason for that is because the Plaid trim officially comes out with up to 1,020 horsepower at peak.

It is interesting to imagine the available horsepower for the performance spec of this SUV.

Nevertheless, the 2023 Tesla Model X Performance will not have too much horsepower in the end.

It remains an SUV that does not need a staggering peak power at all in its function.

2023 Tesla Model X Interior
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Which One to Buy for the 2023 Year Model?

The availability of the performance trim for 2023 remains a mystery.

Yet, the available models are enough to accommodate the needs of many people.

The Long Range variant comes at a lower price than the Plaid version.

It costs an additional $5,000 to acquire the 2020 Plaid variant from the Long Range type.

On the other hand, the performance version comes at $101,190.

When it comes to the best Tesla to buy in 2023, it does not have to be the latest models.

2023 Tesla Model X Plaid
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The things that Tesla offers in the current lineup of cars are enough already.

There is no need to alter too many things for the upcoming model at all.

Yet, bringing the 2023 Tesla Model X Performance into reality is a top-notch decision that the manufacturer has to make.

Will it be available for real?