Will the 2023 Tesla Model X be Better than the Current Version?

The 2023 Tesla Model X will not be available until at least 2023. Nevertheless, the hype about this car has been around at the moment. Even the current 2023 version of this futuristic SUV is enough to hit the top spot in its market segment. It has its best features, unlike any other SUVs in the market so far. With that in mind, it is fascinating to wait and see what the 2023 year model will look like later on. Before any official update from Tesla, the discussion will only be about expectations.

Keeping the Good Sides

Without a doubt, the best thing about this electric SUV is its acceleration. No other SUVs can match that thing from Tesla at the moment. For an SUV, to hit the 60mph mark in just 3.8 seconds is top-notch. That is only for the standard or the so-called Long Range trim. The high-performance Plaid trims can hit the 60mph mark in just 2.5 seconds. That is the thing that Tesla needs to have in the 2023 Model X. If it can be better, it will be great for sure.

2023 Tesla Model X Release Date
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That level of acceleration is possible with the use of a three-motor system for the Plaid variant. On the other hand, the standard type comes with only two motors. The two motors are enough to provide a peak power of up to 762 horsepower. Yet, the Plain trim comes with peak power at 1,020 horsepower. One of the rumors about the 2023 Tesla Model X is that it will have up to 1,100 horsepower for the Plaid+ trim. That is interesting to wait and see.

2023 Tesla Model X Interior
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Driving Distance and Pricing

When it comes to an electric car like this one, the driving distance that it offers is crucial. The 2023 version of Model X offers its driving from 340 miles to 360 miles. The Plaid trim comes with a lower driving distance than the standard trim. Nevertheless, rumor has it that the latest release will have a longer mileage of driving. It happens to the Plaid variant of Model S with up to 520 miles of driving distance. That way, it can be the best Tesla to buy in 2023.

2023 Tesla Model X Price
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One thing that may not be necessary for the 2023 version of Model X is the falcon-wing rear doors. They do not fit the overall design and appeal of the vehicle. It is best for the 2023 Tesla Model X to stick to standard doors for sure.