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Best Tesla to Buy in 2022: 5 Recommended Electric Car Products from the High-End Brand

What is the best Tesla to buy in 2022?

The high-end automotive brand from the USA indeed has had high demands recently.

It is not only because of the engine systems and features that are super sophisticated but also for its futuristic designs. Of course, people also tend to love it since Tesla brings its own prestige for anyone who has it.

More than that, it uses electric power to make it work. Therefore, the Tesla series are considered more environmentally friendly.

In 2022, some series of Tesla electric cars are recommended to buy.

Sure, to get one of them, you must spend more money than when buying other conventional cars.

Well, Tesla is well-known also for its expensive prices but it equals the performance as you can see in the 2022 Tesla Model X performance.

So, here is the list of Tesla cars to get next year.

Tesla Model S

The 2022 Tesla Model S is the first product to mention in the list. The brand seems to wait for a long time to market this series.

Yes, the Model S series from the brand has been introduced to automotive lovers even since 2009.

Being offered to start from 2012, the car simply becomes one of the most favorites at that time. Sure, it is still worth buying this year and even next year.

Despite its stunning design, Tesla Model S also offers many sophisticated features.

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There are 2 types for this model, they are 75D and 85D. Meanwhile, you can also buy the 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid series that is much more expensive in terms of price.

But sure, features and engine systems applied are also greater. For example, the car can run with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km per hour only in 2.28 seconds.

The car also uses the all-wheel-drive system to produce up to 767.17 horsepower.

Tesla Model S
Source : Mikeshouts.com

Another thing that may impress you is its fashionable interior design.

In the cabin, you can enjoy a touchscreen panel for various functions starting from navigation to entertainment.

Besides, there are also features like keyless entry and start and the digital dashboard.

To comfort you more, Tesla Model S Plaid is also equipped with 7 speakers and a 19-inch sport velg.

Tesla Model Y

If you really want to most affordable Tesla series the 2022 Tesla model Y can be the best answer.

So far, this series is indeed the cheapest Tesla. But although it is not as expensive as its friends, you should not worry.

Tesla Model Y still has many great features that make you feel satisfied to have it.

One of them is the unit head of 15 inches. It simply makes you feel comfortable enough while driving for a long duration.

Tesla Model Y
Source : Carindigo.com

You may think you need a long time to recharge this car until the power is full.

It is not completely true since Tesla Model Y is also equipped with the supercharging feature.

The feature enables you to recharge the car super fast and safely before being used on the road. In addition, the car is not much worse than the 2022 Tesla Model S performance.

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The speed is great, it is up to 3.5 seconds when accelerating from 0 to 60mph, making it one of the best Tesla to buy in 2022.

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Tesla Model 3

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is another “cheap” series offered by the brand. Yes, you can get it for only USD 35,000. But if you want the more expensive version, there is another Model 3 series at USD 44,000.

No matter how much money to spend on this series, you will be satisfied with all the things to get.

Tesla Model 3
Source : Carscoops.com

One of them is the feature of the 15-inch touchscreen for more comfortable navigation and entertainment systems.

There are also 8 airbags, electronic stability, and traction controls to ease and protect you more when driving.

For the acceleration capability, it is indeed still under Tesla S as the car needs around 5.6 seconds to run from 0 to 100 km per hour.

For the more expensive version, this Tesla series can be used to reach a distance of 499 km after full charging once.

Tesla Model X

Next, there is the 2022 Tesla Model X that is currently offered at USD 200,000.

The price is indeed expensive but you may agree with the number after seeing the features and performance offered.

The design itself is unique and different, it is very futuristic. Generally, the car is in the category of SUV cars anyway.

This series applies the all-wheel-drive system and it is also equipped with high-level security features.

The security even has been proven as it already gets the 5 ratings in NHTSA.

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Tesla Model X
Source : Formacar.com

In all models, including in the 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid, there has been the 12-censor ultrasonic system.

All the sensors tend to make the car much safer and protect the entire passengers from accidents.

Besides, the autopilot system is also applied although this feature may not be really suitable on crowded roads.

After recharging the car once, you can use it for a distance of up to 380 km.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is famous for its great innovations. Every product it has must have unique features that make it feel more special than others. Well, the 2022 Tesla Roadster is a good example of it. But the car is not the only series with stunning innovations.

There is also Tesla Cybertruck that you may love after seeing the performance and features.

Tesla Cybertruck
Source : Electriccars.com

For the design, it is futuristic, something typical in Tesla. But sure, there are additions like unique lamps and its square body shape so that the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck series look more beautiful and elegant.

This series is new and it is planned to release in 2022. Therefore, there is not so much information about this one. But there is a rumor that Tesla Cybertruck will be offered at a cheaper price. Sure, it means you can save up your money starting from now if you want to buy this one.

So, are you interested in this best Tesla to buy in 2022?

Gallery of Best Tesla to Buy in 2022: 5 Recommended Electric Car Products from the High-End Brand

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