How to Turn Off Automatic [Stop] [Start] on the Chevy Equinox

How to Turn Off Automatic [Stop] [Start] on the Chevy Equinox

The Chevrolet Equinox is equipped with a [Stop] [Start] technology that automatically stops and starts the car’s engine under certain conditions. The Equinox has built-in sensors that monitor your vehicle’s battery systems and restarts the engine as needed to meet your comfort requirements. This technology also improves fuel efficiency in the long run as the [Stop] [Start] feature significantly reduces emissions. However, it’s possible to turn off this feature if you want. Read further in order to know how to.

Turning off the Automatic Stop/Start function on the Chevy Equinox

Some Chevy Equinox models have an integrated button to turn [Stop] [Start] off for an ignition cycle. If your Equinox is fitted with a [Stop] [Start] deactivation switch, simply, push the button to turn off [Stop] [Start]. The automatic [Stop] [Start] function is deactivated when the LED indicator light on the switch isn’t illuminated.

If your Equinox doesn’t have an integrated button to do this, then you should start by turning the engine to manual mode by shifting your gear to [L]. Afterwards, use the [+] and [-] buttons on top of your gear shifter to change the range of gears up to [9] while driving. The number should appear on the display of your instrument panel. Once in this setup, the automatic [Start] [Stop] feature of your Equinox should be turned off.

How do you know if your Chevy Equinox has the automatic [Start] [Stop] feature?

If your vehicle has a position labelled “Auto Stop” on your tachometer, then your Equinox has the feature built-in. Some Chevy Equinox, meanwhile, have a button to turn off the [Start] [Stop]. This is present in the latest Equinox models such as those made in 2023 and present. If this button is present, then you can simply turn it off during an active ignition cycle.

Another feature your vehicle should do if equipped with an automatic [Start] [Stop] function is that your vehicle’s engine suddenly turns off when you come to a complete stop. The engine should restart immediately once you release the brake pedal.

What instances can the Automatic [Start] [Stop] function occur?

The automatic [Start] [Stop] function occurs when the driver has released the brake pedal, the minimum speed between Auto [Stop] events is not reached, the engine or transmission hasn’t sufficiently warmed up, or the outside air temperature is not in the required operating range.

Can I permanently turn off the automatic [Start] [Stop] function on my Chevy?

Permanently deactivating the automatic [Start] [Stop] function on your Chevrolet Equinox is impossible. Turning off the function deactivates it only on one ignition cycle which means you’ll have to perform the disabling process each time you start the vehicle. Other instances include the battery’s vehicle needing to charge, or it has been recently disconnected.
The auto [Stop] function will also activate if the hood is open, the transmission is shifted out of [Drive], or the vehicle’s A/C or heat settings require the engine to run to cool/heat the cabin.

Are there any dangers to the increased number of vehicle engine starts due to the Automatic [Stop] [Start] function?

Due to modern battery technologies, the Automatic [Start] [Stop] system has been specifically designed to be robust and meet the extra demands of the feature. As such, there are no drawbacks to having the feature enabled by default. This is indicated on Chevrolet’s support page as well as on your vehicle owner’s manual which means having the Automatic [Start] [Stop] function active all the time is not a problem and is actually actively encouraged to help improve fuel efficiency.