What Makes the 2022 GMC Canyon Different from the 2021 Version?

With the plan of the 2022 GMC Canyon revealed, it is best to think about the differences in it. It is not a secret that this car has its base from the Chevrolet Colorado. Therefore, with the plan for 2022 Colorado pops out, this car will probably get its updates as well. But, what will be the significant differences to expect from this automobile? Will there only be some minor updates or sizable leaps from the 2021 year model? Either way, it is best for an overhaul to stay in the market.

What GMC Need to Do?

In the battle of the best 2022 small trucks, there are various models from different car manufacturers. GMC Canyon is among the models that are too far behind other vehicles in the same segment. Both Nissan Frontier and Honda Ridgeline are leaping towards the better versions of them. They come with many improvements for the better value of the car. Therefore, GMC needs to pick up the pace and set the 2022 version of Canyon as a better version than its previous models.

2022 GMC Canyon Release Date
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With only a little time left before the release of the 2022 GMC Canyon, it feels unlikely that GMC will change many things. It can be more reasonable for this automobile in its 2023 year model to get crucial changes. Nevertheless, some minor improvements are necessary for it to remain competitive with other cars. The only disadvantage of the Canyon is its hefty price tag. Both Honda Ridgeline and Nissan Frontier are more affordable, with many values to expect after purchasing them.

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2022 GMC Canyon Price
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Possible Engine Rejuvenation

The new 2022 GMC Canyon engine may not be the old combination anymore. The upcoming release may come with a 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from General Motors. That particular engine has its run already for both GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado. It provides up to 310 horsepower with a reliable 10-speed automatic transmission type. That part itself is among the things that boast its price tag. Unfortunately, downgrading the engine is not an option at all.

2022 GMC Canyon Colors
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It is not a certainty that the car will be available as a 2022 year model. It is reasonable because its Chevrolet counterpart is not coming out just yet as well. Nevertheless, it is okay to expect the 2022 GMC Canyon as a simple refresh strategy from its currently running model. Once Chevy releases the 2022 Colorado, GMC Canyon will soon hit the road afterward.

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