2022 Ford Mustang and the New Cycle Plan

There has been a final confirmation about the upcoming 2022 Ford Mustang, after their final release in 2014 with their sixth generation. It should be exciting to find out whether one of the most legendary and iconic vehicles in the business will have more improvement and updates.

So, what’s new with the upcoming Mustang? Or will the company decide that they aren’t going to continue their project?

Newest Updates

2022 Ford Mustang Rendering
2022 Ford Mustang Rendering
2022 Ford Mustang Concept
2022 Ford Mustang Concept
2022 Ford Mustang GT
2022 Ford Mustang GT

After the final release in 2014 and approaching to the sixth generation’s life cycle, everyone has been waiting whether the company is going to continue or stop. After all, after the 2014 launch, the plan was to stop production in 2022.

It’s a good thing that they have a new plan for the upcoming 2022, where the new release is in motion. Based on AutoNews quoting a close source, the company is going to produce 2022 Ford Mustang as the 2023 model, and the production timespan has been set up to 8 years.

It means that the muscle ride will continue producing up until 2030. According to the plan, the car will get its first (mid-cycle) refresh in 2025, so it’s good news. The suppliers have even been told about it.

Power Plan

Ford needs to be smart about their upcoming production, considering that they are going to compete against Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro, other iconic muscle rides.

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It is possible that the company’s competitor (Challenger and Camaro) may be using the same platform as Lincoln Aviator or Explorer, which means that they will have bigger cargo areas and improved interior cabin.

2022 Ford Mustang Interior

The plans about the future design may not be the biggest surprising news about the ride because powertrain is another consideration to take. If the new generation Mustang is released, it is possible that it will be coming with AWD (All Wheel Drive) technology. They even have considered the possibility of V8 electric engine.

If it goes as planned, the ICE would power the rear wheel while the electric engine would be for the front wheel. Does it mean that we are going to have electric powertrain only? Well, it is unsure because there hasn’t been any official confirmation about it.

But it is most likely that there is going to be the regular V8 engine as well as the electric type. We still have to wait for the company to reveal their plans.

2022 Ford Mustang Engine
2022 Ford Mustang Engine

There hasn’t been any confirmation yet whether the company will keep their turbo-four engine, but it seems that they are keeping both versions of the convertible and coupe – available in both right and left-hand drive.

As it comes to design, it is likely that the car will undergo evolutionary journey and more advanced technologies would be incorporated within the cockpit. With driver-focus design, the ride should be more comfortable and incorporating – offering a higher and advanced driving experience.

Release Date and Price

If everything goes as planned, the car’s new launch would take place on the third quarter of 2022. And for the price, the starting price may begin from around $26,700 for the new 2022 Ford Mustang.

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