2024 Ford Mustang with Come with Less Muscle and Smooth Design

Ford will release a new Mustang model, which is called the 2024 Ford Mustang. From its name, this car will be the new line in Ford products for 2024. Therefore, we expect that you can see the release date of this car in late 2023.

The hint of the new Mustang model has been around since January this year. Ford was the one that announce the new car for the Ford Mustang series. We also can see it during the IMSA racing when Ford uses the 2024 Mustang GT3 on that event. However, the latest spy shots for this car show several interesting things.

2024 Ford Mustang

The New Design for 2024 Ford Mustang

We still don’t know the exact design of this car. As we all know, the prototype model on test always uses certain patterns on its body to prevent any leak. However, we can say that this car most likely will leave the classic muscle design for Mustang and use the new design to match the current trend. That will be interesting and might be one of the best alternate designs for this series.

Source : Motor1.com

We can describe its design as a clean and smooth style, clearly one of the Best 2024 Cars. The body lines show less muscle on this powerful car. Ford also seems to decrease the size of the grille. Even though it is hard to notice from the camouflage pattern, we have the impression that the grille of this new Mustang is not as big as the previous Mustang. Plus, the sharp corner of the vents is also gone, which gives less volume than before. How about specification and performance?

New Improvement in Specs and Performance

You can expect a better specification on this new Mustang model. Ford will also release the GT series for this model. And, it said that the GT series use a V8 engine with 500 hp output. Based on that leak, we can say that Ford Mustang will use a similar engine but with lower output. This information is also backed by the sound of the engine that the expert hears when they take a picture of the Ford Mustang prototype.

Source : Motor1.com

Price and Release Date

As we mentioned, the release date will be 2023 as the 2024 model. However, the price is still a mystery for us. However, we can predict that one unit of this new Mustang model will be available for around $30,000. We still need to wait for the official information from the manufacturer about the 2024 Ford Mustang.