The Final Edition of GTR! 2023 Nissan GTR

Nissan is developing its GTR with 2023 Nissan GTR. This updated version of Nissan GTR is the answer to the demand of some Nissan enthusiast that waiting for a fancier version of it.

As one of the oldest versions of Nissan, GTR continues to improved year by year. From recreating the design of the body by adding some accessories to giving a greater performance to the engine.

Nissan GTR comeback is being highly-anticipated for every automotive enthusiast. There is also some prediction regarding the release of the new Nissan GTR that flies around the discussion.

Is 2023 Nissan GTR Different from Before?

2023 Nissan GTR Redesign
2023 Nissan GTR Redesign

One of the most iconic car of Nissan having a change in 2023. As the acknowledge car model through the time, people being curious whether there are significant changes for the car or not.

In the matter of design, the car will have several changes regarding the market trend and product development of the company. But, there are other things to pay attention to 2023 Nissan GTR.


The engine is slightly the same from the previous model. It’s said they just upgrade the engine with 3.8 litres and V6 engine to force the car performance and make it faster than before.

While looking to the upgraded engine, we also need to notice that expected powertrain will give larger intercoolers follow by a six-speed automatic transmission. It’s quite incredible to have it in the newer version.


2023 Nissan GTR Release Date
2023 Nissan GTR Release Date

Nissan GTR owns an easy-to-control acceleration that makes the driver could drive effortlessly. Comparing to other sports car, Nissan GTR ranked in the middle position because it is acceleration.

As for the final version, Nissan GTR giving 710 horsepower that can pumps out once the brake set. The wheels expected to be more flexible, so you won’t feel like you drive a sports car.


The older version of Nissan GTR is still iconic, no one can say it’s outdated. The company find out the eccentric colour and design before it could be style in future.

2023 Nissan GTR Interior
2023 Nissan GTR Interior

In this time, Nissan GTR is designed by Italdesign with the catchy model on the exterior side. As for the interior, the front part expected to be having wider space for the driver convenience.

Nissan GTR 2023 Rumour of Pricing

In the car homeland, Nissan expected to be sold around $377,300 or 40 million yen. It’s still considerable because we know the Nissan GTR is a sporty car with a particular specification.

Another version of Nissan GTR namely GTR Nismo has lower selling rate from GTR 35 can be bought for a $210,000. It’s a pretty cheap price for the Nissan product.

2023 Nissan GTR Final Edition

Rumour said the release date of Nissan GTR is in 2023 as the 15 years car will be making a goodbye. The decision of the company to make its final version of Nissan GTR doing through a lot of processes.

While waiting for the official news of new Nissan GTR to release, you may need to keep some money if you tend to buy it. It’s a dream to have a limited version of legendary 2023 Nissan GTR.