2023 Volkswagen Golf R – The Offered Simplicity

What can you expect for the upcoming 2023 Volkswagen Golf R? Well, the variant has been hiatus since 2019, but it is a good thing that it is back to business for the 2023 model. The release is just at the right time of Golf GTI 8th generation release. And with the company’s plan to stop producing Golf station wagon and hatchback, it means that the company will only have R and GTI for the American auto market. The Golf R is claimed to have better tech, sleek subtle look, and more power.

2023 Volkswagen Golf R Engine and Performance

2023 Volkswagen Golf R Specs
Source: CarScoops.com

It seems that VW won’t be changing their engine arrangement. It comes with inline 4 turbocharged engine with 2.0 liter capacity that is able to deliver 315 hp of power. The power is increased from the current one with its 288 hp of power. The line would be coming with all wheel driving system, and auto dual-clutch 7-speed system that can reach 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds.

However, there is an optional manual transmission with 6-speed system that can reach 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. The strange fact is that the manual is only available for American auto market although it is highly likely that the Europeans are the ones more interested in buying manuals.

Driving Technologies

2023 Volkswagen Golf R Interior
Source: AutoBlog.com

For the 2023 Volkswagen Golf R, the ride comes with novel rear differential that delivers impressive performance when paired up with the AWD torque-vectoring system. It is able to distribute the torque between the two (rear) wheels while distributing power among the wheels. It means that you should have no problems or whatsoever when turning or making corners. And the ride would have better stability and stance.

VW also introduces VDM (Vehicle Dynamics Manager), a special software that combines the dif and AWD within the suspension adaptive-dampening system. And let’s not forget that the ride has its own auto driving modes that enable you to enjoy various driving options. There are options for Race, Sport, and Comfort, as well as the Special Mode and Drift Mode.

The Drift Mode can work well with VDM to make use of the stability control (which ‘belongs to’ Sport Mode) to make it super easy to handle and deal with all-wheel driving system. The Special Mode, on the other hand, is the real appeal. It is able to boost the ride to a faster outcome with better grip, softer suspension, and accurate downshifts that work well in harmony with the braking pressure.

One Complete Trim

Although the ride only offers a trim for their Golf R, it is equipped with tons of features and technologies. The R letter would be everywhere, on the (Nappa) leather upholstery, the floor lights, and the Discover Pro 10-inch touchscreen display. There is no confirmation about the WiFi or Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but a lot of people are hoping that VW would have it.

Price and Availability

Source: CNet.com

For the American auto market, the ride is set from around $40 to $45,000 – there hasn’t been confirmation about the price. For the launch time, the 2023 Volkswagen Golf R is set in around late 2023.